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Thread: So I saw The Three Stooges...

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    Default So I saw The Three Stooges...

    So on Friday night a friend of mine and I who are huge fans of the Stooges decided to see Hollyweird's 21st century version and I will say this- It was a let down. Only good thing were the scenes with the Jersey Shore cast as I am NOT a fan of Jersey Shore.

    It was a letdown for me as I am a fan of the original Stooges and was in 1990 at a Stooge film festival in Akron, Ohio at the Akron Civic Theatre. So, I am well-versed in the Stooges and their legacy before someone says I am a bandwagon fan. I grew up on The Three Stooges as well as Laurel and Hardy.

    My father introduced me to The Three Stooges and my grandfather was a huge Laruel and Hardy fan. So I have an attachment to both groups.

    So, if you're planning on seeing it and you're a fan of the original Three Stooges- DON'T BOTHER.

    Both my friend and I agreed we should have gone to The Hunger Games or something else instead but we both were curious about the 21st century version of the Stooges.


    If you saw the movie however, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie...

    And to quote Homer Simpson- Moe is their leader....

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    I too was/am a fan of Three Stooges. When I saw this cesspool of a movie was being made my heart shrieked in horror.

    I had no interest from day 1 in seeing this movie. I CANNOT see this especially in COLOR. Kills it. On top of the fact it looked retarded in the trailers. Easy pass.

    I'm sorry you suffered. Go see The Cabin in the Woods instead next time. Thank me later. ;]

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    Awh, man.. I'm not really a "fan" of the stooges, per se; however, I do like most of their wacky shenanigans >.>

    Hearing it's a let-down from a huge fan (If anybody would know if it was truly good or bad by fact, it would be a mega-fan :3) just tells me it's obviously.. Well.. A let-down. Wasn't gonna go see it, but maybe would've liked to rent it. Think it's worth paying to rent at least..?

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    It's worth waiting til it's on TV so you won't have to pay for it in my opinion. Don't bother giving them your money- just wait unitl you can see it on TV on the networks or something. It's really that bad.


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    Saw TV spots, figured that if the "eye"phone joke was the best they had to offer it wasn't looking good.

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    The stooges were great in a 10 or 20 minute short. IMHO, their brand of physical comedy doesn't work at feature length. Didn't back in the day, doesn't now.

    For the record, we went to see Hunger Games last night and weren't disappointed. I have no intention of seeing the "new" Stooges now or when it gets to DVD or ultimately streaming (next week?)

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    the three stooges were never really that funny to begin with IMHO the oly one I recall is when they were making beer and they all add a "little" extra yeast. Setting them up in modern time I think is just rather out of place and today's kid's likely aren't going to find it that funny. But then again these kids also see the crap like Alvin and the chipmunks or the Smurfs.

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    I'm a fan of the original Stooges, and was so sad when I saw a trailer for this movie. It just looks so, so bad and I've heard from everyone who went to see it, now including OP, that it was more or less a waste of time and money. Sad that hollywood's resorted to giving classics pathetic makeovers instead of, y'know, coming up with original ideas. Well, scratch that- Good original ideas.

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