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    I have been on this site for quite awhile. Rarely posting comments and reading various subjects of interest. And the more I read, the more comfortable I got with having this fetish/interest with diapers and wondering about the whole AB side of it. Thanks to my first bf a few years back was into so I tried it out and been hooked since. Lucky for me my current bf is okay with it but I don't make it out to be a big deal. Eventually a few friends found out or were told I had this kink seemed to be pretty chill and didn't care as long as I don't shove it in their faces like some do.

    So this caused me to go get proper contacts made up so others can chat if they choose, tie various site accounts to a single email address. And renaming/making new accounts across various sites I am on. Since I shouldn't feel like I have to have two separate identities that I have to keep from one another. But be able to feel good with having one identity where I don't have to worry about hiding various things from my life so people might frown upon me.

    So here I am saying thanks to this site I am now able to feel comfortable with myself and chat about whatever perks my interest. May it be about video games, furries or anything AB/DL related. So hopefully from now on I can get into the AB/DL, diaper/babyfur scene and see if its something I could get into or not. As it has had my attention for the last 4 years wondering if diaper/babyfurs are easy to chat to or not.

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    Hello. I'm glad to see that you've become more comfortable with yourself. It can be quite an enterprise, that. I know it took me some time before I could accept this side of myself.

    So now that you want to chat with ABDLs and furs, what sorts of things do you like to chat about? Any hobbies, games, interests, activities? Personally, I enjoy retro video games (read as the stuff that was new when I was a kid), cycling, dancing games ala DDR, old cars, locksmithing, digital cartography, all sorts of fun stuff.

    ANyways, welcome!

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    Biggest hobby I got is video game collecting of everything I liked or never got a chance to play from the NES days till the last gen. As this gen is relatively underwhelming :c Lately I got back into DDR myself as I weigh 20-30 pounds more then I want to be at :c But hopefully I will shave that in the coming month after I setup my Retro Gaming/DDR room yesterday. Since the collection is too big I set up two rooms of my house to hold everything and most of the walls are covered in movie and game posters/foldouts ads. I will admit my biggest love for any system would be the SNES. Though I want to get back into photography or start a habit of filming something once a day or week may it be a quick 10 sec video or something from my life. And hopefully that will help me delve into the film making part of me I want to do once again. I do enjoy fursuiting on the rare occasion and I made my own with a ton of help from a really good friend.

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    Ah, the SNES! Good times! Sadly, I missed a whole lot of that generation. My parents were not very well off, so I didn't get an NES until 1989, so they weren't keen on buying me a new system in 1990 when the SNES came out. I actually didn't have an SNES until I was in high school and bought a 2nd generation SNES with my job money. By then, though, I had a Playstation, as well. The NES, though... I still have my NES, and I've kept it going all these years. I was playing Megaman 4 on it yesterday, and I've been playing through Super Mario World again, trying to unlock every exit and world.

    It's funny you say about video. My first life was actually in video production before I shifted to becoming a video specialist in a corporate archives. It's a lot of fun, actually, but it's hard to make money in it. But, if you're just doing it for fun, then go for it.

    Personally, I have trouble playing DDR at home. I have metal pads and a couple of the Japanese mixes, but it's just not the same as playing at the arcade. But then, I play a lot of Heavy/Expert Doubles, too, and no amount of modding makes home pads work well for doubles.

    So tell me about this gaming room. What systems do you have in it?

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    I bought my first SNES back in 2002 for $20 with Donkey Kong Country. Up till then I only got to play it at friends houses.So glad when I was able to start earning money to finally buy stuff I always wanted. And as a result in the last 6 years of me collecting I must have bought like 35-40 systems. About 300-400 in games that I hear about being worth a play or ones that I always wanted. Nowadays I rarely buy anything as my favorite pawnshop buddy shut down as he wanted to retire.
    And everyone else is hard to push a deal with or overprices their stuff thinking we live in downtown Vancouver. Just glad I managed to buy 95% of what I was looking for in those years before pawnshops start changing owners or shutting down.

    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post
    So tell me about this gaming room. What systems do you have in it?
    More like what I don't have in it xP Basically all the nintendo stuff, xbox 1, all of sony, SMS, Gen, Saturn, DC, and I guess my Karate Champ arcade cabinet(got it for $25..... because it was so hard to turn down the offer).

    In the "retro room" is basically setup with CRT's so I can play light gun games again and I just placed a couple metal pads in there for DDR. As it is in the basement and makes less noise when stomping away.

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    Sounds cool! Yeah, once upon a time, one could hit garage sales and stuff and find old games/gaming systems and whatnot, but now it's really hard to find anything good at garage sales. Everyone things everything is worth something. Keep your eyes peeled, though, and you might find some cool old resale shop with games and stuff. Part of me would like to do a gaming room, but I dunno. I think it's something that just kinda gets incorporated into the den right now, since we have a 36" CRT TV up there and the old systems are hooked to that. Besides, I've already claimed one room to be a nursery in the future and I've nixed the idea of redoing any of the vintage tilework in the house, so I'd probably be treading on very thin ice if I tried to claim another entire room.

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