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Thread: Depends vs. Attends

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    Default Depends vs. Attends

    So I must know, how much better are Attends than Depends? As some of you may have read in my other threads, I do not yet have the ability to order online but I do have the ability to find people on craigslist selling my size of diaper. Anyway back on topic, are Attends any good?

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    From my experiences attends fit and worked better. Not a night and day difference, but there was a slight improvement. Even depend's best line leaked quickly.

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    Attends are better. Thicker and hold more overall with better overall comfort for me at least.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Not only is the Attends diaper a step up in quality, a case of Attends will cost less than a case of Depends.

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    Is it really that much of a difference? I was a very happy Attends user back when they were available in stores. Then they switched companies and the quality really dropped. I compared them to Depends at that time, which had fairly recently gone from the awful medical green to white and I found them not as good as the old Attends but better than what they were producing. Either Depends would have to get worse (I do think the outer plastic is thinner) and/or Attends would have had to improve since then to change my mind.

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    In my experience there is no comparison. Attends are 10x better. I've purchased and used hundreds of both brands, and I'll take Attends every time.

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    I used to use Attends and Depends and I have found that Attends was a better quality diaper than Depends. Depends- SHUDDER- SUCK and still SUCK big-time.

    I haven't used Attends in years since they stopped being readily availble in stores. This is circa 2000. I use now Abenas cause I like a better brand than what Depends pretends to be. I have no faith in that particular product. I have had issues with fit, size and useage with Depends. So, those are three strikes against them.

    I'd still use Attends if they were more readily availble like they were back in the day. At least I've found a diaper I can use that works pretty good for me.


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    I would never use Depends if I had a place where I could buy Attends.

    Depends just plan works as a last resort. Attends at least hold in the wet.

    Go with Attends

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    Reading the posts here finally got me off my complacency and I ordered a bag of Attends briefs with waistband. Either they've puffed up a bit in the last ten years or Depends slowly slimmed down as I'd say they used to be about the same and now Attends are thicker. The outer plastic is also a bit more durable, allowing one to carefully peel back tapes (used to be possible with Depends, too). However, they have no leak guards, and they clumped up like crazy. The capacity seemed slightly higher but I'll have to use more of them to really get a good handle on it. I think the excessive tendency toward clumping still puts Depends ahead for me in the cheap diaper category but they're much closer than they were when I made the switch.

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