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    Hi, I am a female and am having a hard time finding an agency that will take "someone like me." Meaning that I am female (the lady replied when I asked what she meant). I was just looking for a mommy or nanny to talk to/put me to bed. Another place I called said they couldn't provide services to me because I "didn't sound over 18." I am well aware that I sound about 14/15 on the phone & look like I am 16 or 17. I cannot help that.

    Anyone run into the same problem? What did you do? I just need a mommy.

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    Well never tried any of those places (and not female so can't exactly have a similar experience =p). There used to be one of those mommy/daddy services in Anthem I think, though that was in person and not phone (and supposedly VERY expensive). Not sure if that is much of a help though *shrugs*

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    can't really offer any advice here, apart from to say that in the UK an "agency" would be synonymous with an attempt to get you to ring some premium rate phone line and spend astronomical amounts of money!

    sorry I cant be more help

    ps. I love the slightly resigned look on your cats' face on your pic!

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    If you are willing to try text based adventure you might want to try the adoption thread in the adult baby board if you find a mommy or daddy you get allong with it might be better than a phone mommy

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    @Khaymen not necessarily kids can steal their parent cards to prove their IDs it's better to go on sound of voice

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    @ibeadorkable: At first I misunderstood your post, I thought YOU were a phone mommy lol.

    In all honesty (whether it's AB or not) all of those phone lines are scams. Also the main purpose of them is to entertain you while you *fapfapfap*. But from the way you post, that doesn't seem to be what you were wanting. If I were you I'd just explore the forum longer and you'll probably end up finding a daddy/mommy/babysitter that you trust enough to talk on the phone with free of charge. :]

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