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    Default 2009 Dodge Challenger

    I happened to see a 2008 challenger a few months ago, and I was speechless. Luckily I've seen a 2009 model yesterday, Kind of makes me mad I'm not old enough and dont have the money to get one

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    Hate to say this, but I got to drive one ( for about 200 feet ) It was orange w/ black stripes and god - it was nice. I'm holdin out for the Camaro SS tho'

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    I respect that their bringing the muscle cars back, but honestly I think the Challenger looks a bit bloated, I've already seen one with 22's! I'm holding out for a Red SS Camaro with Black stripes and black leather interior!

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    All i have to say is lucky, and if I had the money I'd take both the Camaro and Challenger

    The way I see the styling of them is the Challenger is a classic but modern look and the Camaro has a classic but futuristic look.

    A Challenger with 22's I consider that disgraceful ! in my opinion a muscle car should have no more than 18 inch rims.
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    well I've seen cars with 30's so 22's is nothing and they were Foose Nitrous wheels so it added more to the muscle look.

    btw, you might want to merge those double posts

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    yeah- there's nothing more exciting seeing an ex-cop crown vic with a lime metallic paint job go bouncing past on 30's. the solid welded suspension and the 1 inch sidewalls have GOT to be comfortable

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    Pretty sweet cars. I have to say that I like the styling of the Camaro birds alot better.....

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