So I was really hoping to attend the Capcon convention this year. I had brought it up to my wife, who is not into the diaper thing, saying I would like to be around others who Anyway, at first she was sportive, but later she got worried. She was concerned that I would meet someone there know the rest. I was trying to listen to her concerns and understand her feelings. But I couldn't help but start laughing. She was hurt, saying "I am scarred. You could meet some one who would fill this need for you and you might leave me." First, I wouldn't leave my wife and mother to my two sons that I hold more dear then anything here on earth or in the heavens, but secondly, I was thinking..I'm 40 years old. I still lift weights, and watch what I eat, but I'm still 40. I have been an AB/DL my whole life, I have know a few women and trusted my "deep dark secret" to. And I have learned that there simply isn't a giant horde of beautiful women out there desperately wanting to meet a 40 year old married man with children who not only wears diapers, but would like to be diaper dependent and have his partner change him. :: I'm not trying to be negative ...I wish there were such women...I wish my wife were among them. But I really don't think she has to be worried that her diapered assed husband will be stolen away from her. Sadly for her, she is stuck with me, pampers and all.