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Thread: Seeing movies at the theater multiple times?

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    Default Seeing movies at the theater multiple times?

    I know I've seen some movies multiple times while it was still playing in it's first theatrical run. Has anyone else done this before and if so what movies and how many times did you see it?

    Pokemon 2000, twice.
    Pokemon 3, twice. (the second with a completely empty theater, that was awesome!)
    Lilo and Stitch I saw twice, got the DVD asap.
    Finding Nemo, three times.
    Inception twice.
    I'm not sure but I might of saw Finding Neverland (It's about the playwriter of peter pan, not MJ) twice. Since I remember being like "don't cry, don't cry, don't cry", then sobbing.

    I would of saw 50/50 again, but it wouldn't of been as entertaining as the first time.
    Where The Wild Things Are nearly got me to go twice but it couldn't really keep my attention the first time. Just kept going no where.

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    A local theatre used to have regular screenings of "The Room". People would dress up as their favourite characters and sing and shout out in the theatre and comically imitate (well, could that film be any more comical?) the characters. They would throw plastic cutlery around the cinema too. Probably seen The Room about 5 times at the cinema.

    Other than that, the same cinema also played a cult movie marathon month. Some friends of mine were only available at certain times, so I ended up seeing "Dead Ringers" about 3 times in a month. "Gynaecological instruments for operating on mutant woman" is about all I ever get out of that film.

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    I saw pirates of the carribean 3 three times. Once with my friend and his grandmother, once with the same friend and his grandfather, and the last was with that same friend yet again and his grandfather with the additon of his cousin.

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    I just recently saw Hunger Games 3 times. The first time with my brother, the second time with dad and stepmom, and the third time with my gf.

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    I think I must of seen finding nemo about 5 times in the theater.

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    I think the only thing I saw in the theater more than once was The Return of The King. Kinda a double whammy, since it was and still is the only movie I've seen alone. Saw it three times solo!

    It seems reasonable to assume that I saw the re-release of The Empire Strikes Back more than once, but I can't remember

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    I saw Batman: The Dark Knight twice, once in a plain theater and the other time in imax.
    I'm sure that there are more movies I've seen a couple times in theaters but I can't remember them :p

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    I don't like seeing the same movie more than once unless it's been a while. Even so, I'll do it if someone else pays

    ...which is why I saw Sweeney Todd, like, five times in the theater, because four different events happened that involved someone else paying for me to see it. :|

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    Oh, there probably were a few. I think some of the earlier Pokemon movies like Pokemon 2000 and Pokemon 4 Ever I went to see back in the day more than once, and Shrek II I distinctly remember going two or three times with various family members.

    These days though, I hardly go to the movies at all. I have a nice TV and audio setup at home, I am quite happy to wait a month or two for the DVD release and watch it in my own time. Though I did go and see The Hunger Games a couple weeks ago with two friends, was quite good for what it is, and makes me want to read the books. I also generally prefer older movies anyway, stuff you can only find on DVD's or VHS, so most of the time I have no real compelling reason to go to the cinema.

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    I typically don't see movies in the theater more than once unless I'm going with new people every time. Like I saw Pirates of the Caribbean twice, once with my ex and again with my mom. But other than that I don't ^^; Even if it's a great movie... I just buy the dvd and watch it a boatload of times at home

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