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Thread: Sissy Inception

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    Default Sissy Inception

    I am not a Sissy but I was wondering when and how did u discover you were a sissy

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    For the record, I'm an MtF transsexual, not a sissy... But I just sort of got to thinking it after a while...

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    It all started I guess when my sister use to dress me in her clothes up until I was about 10, I was then re-introduced to it with flannel Hello Kitty diaper covers and some satin ones they were inexpensive and worked great and are whole lot more comfortable than straight pul or plastic. This lead me to conclusion that I might like other girly clothing as repressed but fond memories of those times spent bonding with my sister came to the surface. I remembered how much I enjoyed being in a dress and playing Cinderella, and other princess, so I started wearing panties as they reminded me of this and added bonus they are so comfortable I choose never to go back to men's underwear again, and the rest is history. Unfortunately panties is about the only thing I can get away with in public as they are unseen.
    For a bit more detail please see my blog post on how sissy I have become.

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    After spending 20 minutes typing out a long (very personal) response I deleted it.

    I never discovered I was a sissy, it was pointed out to me over the years and I finally accepted it, embraced it, and am happy with it!

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    I'm MtF transgender not a sissy, but I guess I knew for a while without realizing what it was....

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    "I Am Not A Sissy"

    that sounds strange..... to be here and say that.... maybe i should say i am not a sissy and (stomp-my-foot)......

    but really, i am not. i am dike. i just have some marvelous little's who are sissy / lg......

    my or our discovery of them was mutual in a way. they are the base of our transgendered faction. that began at age three when at a friends birthday party we were kept from playing with her toys because we somehow were not like her. i have a eidetic memory and that girl wore soft-yellow while i was wearing rough-brown (sad-eyes).
    i can clearly see this as if i were there right now. that girl got the neatest toys i had ever seen in my life and all i wanted was to play with them and her and her other friends.......
    but everyone said no
    and that sunny day went gray and dark
    and my world changed

    i had always thought that it was the little girl who moved away, but i was wrong. it was the little boy who went away for a very long time......

    i started finding people (children) like that little-boy after i grew up and got out on my own and out of the navy. i had always had friendly inner voices whispering inside to me keeping me company. but now those voices took the form of flash-backs and memories; other personalities started to surface.

    little girls and little boys......
    at the time i thought i was truely screwed
    SRS helped some
    polyfragmantation is what it is called.......

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    I always like girls clothes, they have more options than guys do. It started for me dressing in my sisters clothes with mainly wearing her underwear. Eventually it moved to the rest of her clothes. I always kept coming back and acted girly in the clothes.

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    Not sure if i am, but I am having fun trying it out.

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    im not a sissy, Im m2f trans like many others here. Always felt like something was amiss and when i found out I wasnt the only one and that there was a way to describe me, I've been self identified trans for a while but until I can be me really openly, being identified as a sissy among a few select groups is the closest I can get.

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    you know looking over this thread as well as what i wrote and feel inside.....
    the silly thought just crossed my mind that maybe we are all just a bunch of Sissy's in denial.
    "being cute" is just built into my very soul.
    "being sexy" is what i can't do.......
    so yea... i guess i am a sissy /little, girl and a tom-boy too!
    now i'll have to change the way i think of my self i guess. no more "dike" personna....

    who's next?

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