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Thread: Dream Dinner Party

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    Default Dream Dinner Party

    Well, it doesn't have to be a dinner party as such as I shouldn't think that very many people actually have dreams about dinner parties...but if you could draw up a guest list of any five people - living or dead - to spend an evening with, who would fill that list?

    I'm going for:

    • George Orwell - personal hero of mine whose experiences and ideas would be a joy to hear and discuss.

    • Groucho Marx - you've got to have someone to provide the witticisms and anecdotes and I can think of few people better qualified.

    • William Shakespeare - I wanted a guest from a far removed time and the greatest writer in the English language seems a sound choice.

    • Stephen Fry - not quite in the same category of significance, granted, but I wanted someone contemporary and he's erudite, knowledgeable and funny so he'll do.

    • Emeline Pankhurst - would be fascinating to hear her take on modern society and relate all her experiences. Also to stop it being quite such a sausage fest...

    Others considered included Mark Twain, Tony Benn, Albert Einstein, John Lennon and, well, many many more.

    Your turn!

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    5 people that I've known/know personally. They don't need to be named. I don't feel a need to meet strangers just because they did amazing things, when I could spend the day/evening with someone that has been, and always will be, close to my heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    5 people that I've known/know personally. They don't need to be named. I don't feel a need to meet strangers just because they did amazing things, when I could spend the day/evening with someone that has been, and always will be, close to my heart.
    Do you realise what you've done Mandi?

    John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Benjamin Franklin, other assorted goodies.

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    Can I honestly say, a quiet dinner by myself?

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    Stephan Hawking -- So I can make remarks about the irony of his situation
    Stephan Colbert -- So I can hear remarks about the irony of politics
    Kenny Kramer -- I want to see how Cosmo Kramer's characteristics could possibly exist in a real person
    Elvis Presley -- To prove once and for all that Elvis lives!
    Jeffery Dahmer -- To study an example of utmost murderous insanity different from the now cliche Ed Gein.

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    Rance - randomness and mind-blowingly awesome discussion.
    avery - casual, but still intelligent discussion, and to give me a break from Rance.
    Mickal - just to share a pint (or two) with.
    Martin - to bring humour and peace to the table
    Baby Jake - Why wouldn't I want to share a meal with the champion of champions?

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    Freddy Mercury
    Angela Lansbury
    Dan Brown
    Dan Peterson
    Rita Levi Montalcini

    that's all folks

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    Jesus of Nazareth(pbuh), the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), Mahatma Gandhi, Adolph Hitler, and Leonardo Davinci.

    I think that should make for some interesting conversation at dinner.

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    All the religious deities.
    So I can tell them to stop making their people police the world.

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    Leonard Bernstein. I performed in choir under his direction. He was the most amazing and incredible musician I have ever know.

    Virgil Fox. I actually knew him when I was a young organist. He was considered the greatest organist, after J. S. Bach I suppose. He liked me of course, probably because I was a young male. Oh well....he did take an interest in my musical development, and he was the most incredible organist I have ever know.

    Leopold Stowkowski. I sang under him as well. He loved and encouraged young musicians and established the American Symphony, all comprised by young genius musicians. Even in the 60s, he had a young black female timpanist. He was remarkable for his day, and any day for that matter.

    Albert Shweitzer and Albert Einstein. I put them both together because they were good friends. Shweitzer was a pioneer in organ building, played organ quite well, but was know as a great theologian. As a medical doctor, he went to Africa to help the helpless. Einstein changed modern math and physics. He also lived in Princeton at the think tank. I used to go there as a student and observe greatness, even though by then, he was no longer living.

    Of course, Jesus of Nazareth. What a peace and comfort it would be to be in his presence. When I was clinically dead, I experienced that peace. It's quite amazing. Imagine being able to ask Jesus, so....what do you think about the election?

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