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Thread: The Fiscal Cost of Being an ABDL

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    Default The Fiscal Cost of Being an ABDL

    A few days ago I was calculating my personal financial budget for 2012, and while doing the Entertainment section of the budget I came to the realization that I never factor in the money that I spend on my ABDL desires as a part of the budget. So I set out to figure out a conservative estimate of how much I might spend on being an ABDL this year.

    Unfortunately, after running some of the numbers it became clear that a good estimate would be around $800 for the year. This was kind of financial depressing since $380 are spent on just diapers something I that after I use them I eventually just throw away. At the time it felt like I was throwing $380 into the trash every year. Also I felt the $800 that I spend on my ABDL interests could have been used in better ways such as investing or other expenses. However, after a while I realized I really do enjoy the ABDL stuff I buy, and I was going through my typical negative reaction when I spend money for the purposes of entertainment. I mean it's not like I'm going to stop buying diapers, sleepers, onesies, bottles, baby powder, toys, and stuffed animals. I just need to be aware of how much I'm spending on it.

    So I was wondering how much do you spend on your ABDL interests each year, and how does that make you feel? I'm just curious to see what other people spend each year, and their own reaction.

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    After some rough calculations I figured that over the past year I've spent a little over $300, mostly on diapers, but also plastic pants and baby powder.

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    Ya know, I have no idea what I spend (currently) on diapers. Back when I was single and lived in Ohio I had a better idea. Since being married, I've curtailed my AB/DL time, which obviously affect the amount of money I spend on diapers and diaper supplies. There for a while I was averaging about $30 a month on diapers and supplies. However, I've been without diapers now for about 2 months, so that will also throw off any averaging of cost. But if I were to have maintained the $30 a month,,simple math reveals that I would spend approximately $360 for an entire year. Which isn't too bad. I guess in this sense, those that wear cloth diapers will have a tremendous advantage as to those who wear disposables.

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    .......but cloth diapers have to be washed, and there is a cost to doing that (water+electricity). It's probably not $30/m but just pointing out its not zero cost.

    Haven't been at this long enough to figure out how much I spend, but I think its small enough to be incidental.

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    i spend from $150 - $300 on diapers, i dont get any other abdl things right now but when i start planing to use diapers full time then my budget got to $1000 - $1500

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    To be honest, I try not to think about it. My wife and I both work full time, and, in addition to this, I tutor on the side. Pretty much, whatever I make doing that goes into some sort of ABDL item. I don't go through too much padding; really, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I might only use 25 or so diapers a year. However, my AB wardrobe continues to grow and altogether, I may spend around $550-$600 a year.

    To me, it's very much worth it. Besides, the wife and I don't spend money on much else; we're not big travelers or purchasers of the newest technology.

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    I try not to think about it it always seems worse when you put a number on it. I dont wear diapers too much so the cost of that isnt too bad, but I've really been expanding my AB items lately and have spent alot on plushies, pacis, sleepers, toys, etc. lately. Thinking about how much i spent on them would take some of the fun out of it!

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    In 2010 I spent about $10,000 in ABDL stuff. 2011 was at about $5,000

    I had cut down on costs when I left my last job. I would say most the money went to vintage diapers on ebay and ABU super dry kids.

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    The whole 24/7 thing costs so much I try not to think about it. Other than that I tend not to spend too much - you can pick up AB stuff fairly cheaply if you shop around. Overestimating slightly I'd say around 2000 a year (probably less), which is about $3000 I think.

    As BrooklynABDL said you only live once

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