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Thread: Anyone wanna play tom clancy tactical shooter games on steam?

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    Default Anyone wanna play tom clancy tactical shooter games on steam?

    Pretty much got the whole lot of Tom Clancy tactical shooters on steam. From ghost recon to Rainbow Six Vegas 2. So I would be interested to play through any of the games with a group if they are willing to do it on say a weekend or a weekday night. If interested just state so and which ones you have/willing to play.

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    I play them a lot, there really fun. I would but your in canada. Makes things difficult X.X

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    yea the 2-5 second lag would drive me nuts :c one day internet speeds will be better then what is out there today. And eventually cross seas people can play one with one another without atrocious lag.

    Hopefully more people will be up for it. Since it sucks trying to do some of these games and executing plans with your AI buddies can be frustrating as some of their AI isn't up to par when they first came out.

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