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Thread: Who likes to pee their pants?

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    Default Who likes to pee their pants?

    I couldn't find many threads on this topic, and the best one was from '09, so I thought I'd start a new thread. I realize that this is a diaper forum, but I figure pants-wetting is related.

    So, if you are inclined to partake in a little recreational pants peeing from time to time, where do you do it? What kind of underwear and outer garments do you prefer? How does it make you feel?

    Wetting my pants is somewhat of a new thing for me that I really just started doing on a regular basis within the past year or so. Of course, I wet in diapers much more frequently, and I love the feeling and convenience of doing it in a diaper anywhere, anytime. However, I have found that it can be fun to wet in my pants adds variety to my hobby.

    Through extensive experimentation, I have discovered that it works best for me to wet my pants in spurts rather than a full-on flood. Too much at once is a common rookie mistake, and is what causes the real messes, like puddles on the carpet, or a soaked sofa. So I gradually release a little, maybe a second or two's worth at a time. Soon, a silver-dollar size patch appears, then after a little more, a hand-sized spot. I am proud to say that I have mastered the fine art of controlling the flow through all my years of wetting diapers. I can now decide the level of wetness I would like to achieve.

    Choice of clothing is also critical for a successful pants-wetting experience. For example, wetting say, a pair of boxer briefs is kind of a horrible idea because more urine will probably run down your legs than into your pants. To me, that just feels nasty. I think I have found a good system: 4-5 pairs of broken-in regular briefs worn all at once help hold "things" in place. Then I slip on a pair of thin running pants, which serve to slow the evaporation process which causes that cold and wet sensation normally associated with wetting one's pants, and insulates so that I can enjoy the wet feeling for awhile without feeling cold and clammy. Finally, I don my outer pants. I always use jeans for this. Everything must fit SNUGLY, or again, more of the pee will probably end up in my socks and on the floor than in my pants. The color of my jeans is important: the lighter the shade of color, the more it shows. This can be good or bad, depending on where I am when I do it.

    So why go in pants when I have the option of diapers? It's a different sensation altogether, and variety is the spice of life. For one, I feel much wetter in wet pants than when I wet a diaper since the pee stays more in contact with my skin, and covers a larger area. Also, it is visible-I like to watch the patch grow on the front of my jeans as I go a little at a time. (Often, I pee myself in front of the mirror at home while I go, I don't know why this is exciting, but it is.) Even better (for me anyway) is that I can smell the pee a little more than with a diaper.

    As for the where, usually I only pee my pants at home, but on occasion I cause myself to have an "accident" in public. Never a full-on soaking, but I have ended up with about a dinner-plate sized dark patch on the front of my jeans. Somehow it feels incredibly naughty to be peeing my pants, a little at a time, while browsing through the $5 DVD bin at the video store ( for example). It's a rush to look down and see that the wet patch on my pants is clearly visible and there is no way out but back out the front door of the store to my car. If I still need to check out, I do so as quickly as possible, sometimes the cashier notices, with a quick glance down and a smirk or a giggle. Once a lady in front of me in line glanced back at me and then did a full double take (yeah I was wearing the lighter-colored jeans.) Generally though, there is surprisingly little reaction from people, but like I said I try to only wet so that my front is wet, and maybe a little dabble down my thighs. I have never full-on released my bladder in public, I certainly don't want to leave puddles on the floor...that would be very inconsiderate.

    Well this is a very long post, but many are the intricacies and facets of the science of peeing of the two pairs of wet pants (or the same pair of pants wet, then dried out, then rewet) are exactly the same. Please share your thoughts!

    "If peeing your

    So why wet pants when I ha

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    I quite enjoy going in my pants. Not just wetting though, messing too. Seeing as I'm only 16 and still live with my parents, I can only do it in diapers or when there's a 100% chance of me not getting caught. I don't really like doing it in boxers, just normal underpants. I NEVER use an outer layer like jeans because I'm just too afraid of getting caught. I've never done it in public, and nor do I plan too. That's really all I can say, i've not had much of a venture into using my pants, so I am just stuck with diapers.

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    I have hardly ventured into wearing in public. I get super nervous. Every so often at my house when I'm about to do the laundry and am home alone, I will wet my pants-- why not? They're going right in the wash anyway!

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    I do like to, but just sweat pants or something like that, jeans ain't my thing.
    I actually used it as a substitute for diapers during the years I couldn't get any in order to feel more cubby, and because I love the smell of pee, it's a mayor turn on for me X///P

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    I just wear an ordinary pair of undies (briefs), and usually a pair of khakIi shorts. Sometimes I'll let go in my jeans. I, too, let it out in spurts, enjoying the appearing of a small spot which becomes a big spot until I'm quite wet. Usually my shirt becomes involved too, if I stay at it long enough it's wet up above my belly button. When I do wear a diaper I sometimes wet until it leaks enough to soak my pants and shirt, and sometimes I put undies inside to hasten the effect.

    I think I like diapers because I was potty trained VERY early; I remember thinking about being diapered as early as five years old. I think I also like going in my pants because until I was six or seven I waited until I REALLY had to go before I headed for the bathroom and although I rarely wet full-on I was one of those little kids who often had a visible wet spot. Sometimes I let go on purpose on the way to the bathroom too. I like the naughty feeling doing something I know I was trained not to do LONG ago. I also like feeling wet and as the OP says, diapers keep the wet feeling away from you.

    I sometimes wet a diaper or "pullup" away from my home, but the pant wetting is 99.9% private; occasionally I'll slide out to my car to get something, right outside my door, when I have wet pants when I see no one is coming.

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    I used to wet my pants and bed on purpose a lot when I didn't have access to diapers. I had to do my own laundry so there was less worry about someone noticing, but I did get super lucky on many occasions. There was actually a point when I would put some water down my pants after using the toilet, just to keep the area wet. (Overtime this led to losing a bit of control so I stopped).

    I haven't really wet my pants or anything like that in a while though.

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    I used to wet my pants a while back but now that I have extra absorbent diapers I have no need to wet my pants ... the laundry does not get done every day so if I were to throw my wet pants in the washer on a day that we're not doing the wash the urine smell would be noticeable ... now the only time my pants get wet is if the diaper leaks which is not too often ...

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    Through earliest schooldays the chance to wet my pants was not achievable unless I actually disgraced myself before others. This was not an option to a little boy's scheme of things. I prided myself in achieving rigid self-contral. So I could only envy the tiny number of pantswetting boys of my age I knew of, and fantacise about what they did as an ultimate erotic joy, something I would be able to do myself one day when I moved off and became free. (It was only later I sympathised with the downside of their lives, the miseries of their restricted life and the problems they had making friends.) From aged 5 on I selected remote glades of woodland for future use, also desolate areas we passed by train as I accompanied my parents on holidays.

    I became well practised at putting on dry swimsuits, sometimes more than one, and letting go in them when no-one was near. On hot dark nights late I would even set up a hose sprinkler in the garden, have a long, delicious pee in my trunks then turn on the hose and wash off.

    Right at the end of schooldays I could go off alone by bike, camping by river or sea. I used to take a wardrobe of various types of pants. Always on top of briefs, etc. I would pull on an old pair of school trousers because peeing them was a kind of ultimate manifestation of freedom from authority. The fact that they were rather too tight on me by then increased the pleasure as I looked down to see the damp patch appear and grow until hot liquid began to pour.

    I have always done this in private and have never really wanted to take risks or wet in public. I occasionally pee a combination of pants (mostly briefs, boxers, speedos and outer baggy trousers) in the bath or, in a delicious hot summer, after walking to the remotest available part of sand dunes or while camping on a river bed. The mere onset of really warm weather, the rhythm of waves or the gentle tumbling of water down a clear stream sets desire running through all my body.

    On the internet I have been delighted to note variations on my themes:. . . friends who enjoy wetting snow pants, since the results are hard to notice, spurts of warmth course round their lower bodies and they are not forced to abandon their games;. . . people who love wetting in wetsuits (dangerous in shark waters); . . .tough guys and gals speeding along wetting leather motorcycle gear; . . .desperate cyclists in provocative skin-tight black lycra . . . desperate marathon runners. . . desperate footballers. . . the list seems endless.

    Diapers I discovered late, and have provided a wonderful addition to early experiences.

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    I sometimes like to wet my pants. Just jeans and some boxers. Sometimes I even mess my pants but I do that rarely.

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    I've tried it on occasion but the mess can be hard to deal with. Also it kinda burns if you leave it for more than a few minutes.
    However on the plus side, it make you feel really helpless and babyish

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