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    Hi HI everyone -- I am an 82 year old greatgranddaddy. I often care for my little 2 year old baby girl. As I have been doing that I became interested i diapers and pacis and decided I would use them. We play together with her dollies and furries and have a wondeful time. I just love wearing nappies ! I use disposables with liners in the daytime and cloth with lots of liners at night because I really pee a lot. It feels so good to have a fat soft diaper on so I wear as often as I can. Sometimes I poop then but I try not to do that a lot because it takes me a long time to clean my tushy. I do have one problem ---- as soon as I put on a nice clean diaper I have an irresistable urge to pee even though I just peed. I think I will have to use cloth all the time because disposables are so expensive. Does anyone else have this problem ? I am excited to be an ADISC member and hope to learn a lot more about diaper wearing, HAPPY WEtting to all !!!! DONNIE

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    I think that you may be the oldest person on this site.

    Anyhow, welcome to the site! Why not tell us about yourself, other than your AB/DL side? Hobbies, favourite music, favourite films, favourite books, stuff like that.

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