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    I was browsing the Yahoo News articles ( as I usually do after checking my e-mail) and came across this article. I know many of us want to feel 'little' by having over-sized items like a highchair or crib or so on. Ever thought how little this dog might make you feel? I thought the photos were altered to make the dog look larger than it really was, but turns out,,,,this dog really IS that big!
    I don't think I'd have much to worry about from trouble makers when walking THIS dog, LOL

    What are you thoughts on this?

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    That's not a dog, it's a horse, hahaha. You'd feel quite small when emptying a bag of dog biscuits for him, I mean how much would he eat everyday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DufusBear View Post
    how much would he eat everyday!
    OMG, I never even thought of that part! I bet that dog can put away some dog chow. um, then again, I'd HATE t be the one to clean up after a dog that size, for obvious reasons, LOL

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