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    A friend and I started a blog last year but it was short lived. It was about our adventures being 24/7 diaper wearers. Though we still are 24/7 we ran out of things to talk about and figured no one was actually reading our posts. Ally doesnt want to keep blogging but I decided to keep the blog alive with all of my experiences and such.

    Check it out Always Wearing Couple | Taking the perversion out of diapers since 2011!

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    Hard to read due to the background. Plus I hate the purple text. I have to highlight the blog to read it.

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    It's a very interesting blog, but I agree that the background makes it very hard to read.

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    Wow, very interesting. I read several entries. You have a lot of good information there! I will probably come back and read more.

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    seems interesting , however the background colour makes the text hard to read.
    wish you post more pics on the blog. thanks

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    I hope you continue more with the blog. You can write about your diaper adventures and your activities you have done in them or how you met another diapered person.

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