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    I just met a man who has the exact same interest as me. He likes being a daddy and I like being a baby. I'm still new to this world, but I'm liking it more and more everyday. Anyhow as some of you know I haven't had my first diaper on me yet. They are being shipped and I should get them very soon. Although he wants to play the daddy and baby role. He even wants to put diapers on me and change me with bottle feeds and feeding me foods. I don't know this man yet. Should I be trusting and let him fulfill my ultimate fantasy? Would you?

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    You need to make sure safety is your first concern, if you don't know the guy too well, I'd suggest starting your meet in a public area, that way if you get any bad vibes you can just leave and don't have to worry about being secluded with a stranger who really creeps you out. You could even choose to have a couple public meetups so you can get you know him better before you make it to an intimate setting.

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    I agree with Jewbacca. Even if this IS your ultimate fantasy, take things slow for safety sake. If this guy is legit, he will understand and allow you all the time you will need to trust him and feel safe with him. Begin with meeting in a public place, for the first few times, not just once. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Besides, if things progress in a good way, you will be spending some special time with him and it will be best to know this guy before those moments arrive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msnewbie View Post
    Should I be trusting and let him fulfill my ultimate fantasy?
    Right now? No you shouldn't. After getting to know him and meeting him in public a few times? I don't see why not. Just be careful, without trying to be a scaremongerer there will be creeps out there who may take advantage of the fact that you're a female AB.

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