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Thread: Vlesi have changed.

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    Unhappy Vlesi have changed.

    So I went to my local chemist to get my usual pack of 30 Vlesi slip comfort, seeing as they're the ONLY brand accessible to me in my town. I was pretty excited to have them because I hadn't actually gotten any diapers in months. Okay so i got them home to find out that the whole look of them had changed! They used to be plastic backed with purple stripes running down them, but now they're all white (not a bad thing) but the sides of them are like a freakin' Jcloth! Plastic backing all around a diaper for me is very important for the look and feel of a diaper, and i feel they've ruined my experience of wearing diapers.

    These new cloth sides have actually changed the dynamics of the diaper. the tapes used to hold tighter than a weld, but this morning i woke up with all four tapes open, a wet bed, and an annoyed girlfriend! also they don't feel like they're on properly at all, as they hang a bit now. Any one have a similar experience? Or ideas on what to do now that i effectively have no diapers now?

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    if your able to order online that would be the way to go.theres plenty of great sites like xpmedical that sell high quality diapers internationally with discreet shipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shane View Post
    Any one have a similar experience? Or ideas on what to do now that i effectively have no diapers now?
    don't know about places where you can buy of the shelf in your locale, but, we in the NW of england tend to supply Ireland with loads of stuff, so, if you're ordering online, you should expect a speedier delivery if ordering from our area (or Wales, i should add).

    Tena are based not far from me and searches for Tena Ireland give the UK site. similarly, Hartmanns, the UK supplier of Molicare, are also based nearby, but a supplier in Ireland is, MoliCare

    another Irish supplier: Tena Incontinence: Incontinence Tena Slip Plus Nxt Day Del Ireland - Tena Incontinence Products -
    but they don't seem to do the Maxi versions.

    other Lancastrian suppliers: B&M Supplies Shipping terms & conditions
    (be aware that Indaslip also now have the 'breatheable' sides)
    Incontinence Products UK - Online Shop
    Tender-care state that they only deliver within the UK, but that you should phone them if not in the UK. i doubt that Ireland will be a problem, though, as there are daily pick-ups and transportations between Britain and Ireland via many courier and haulage companies. and, as far as i am aware, Tender-care are still all plastic.

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    Thanks guys, i had to rage a little bit forr a few days, but i managed to get an order of the molicares cheap enough. back to being happy now!

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