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    Ill wear cloth diapers to bed. Its mainly for comfort but i might wet the bed every couple months even if im not wearing one. My problem is that lately ive been irregular (if ypu know what i mean) and two hours before i should be getting up i wake up with a horrible diahhrea (?) urge. I could probably make it to the bathroom but i definetly cannot pin off my cloth diaper in time. I really late losing sleep with this. Would it be reasonable to just use the diaper ( the diahhrea comes out like 15 sec after i wake up and i can fall right back asleep) and deal with it in the morning?

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    I think a more proper question to be asking is why you are having a recurring diarrhea episode after you fall asleep.

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    Hi Fishonastick. Great Name by the way...
    I must say I am with Ownage on this one. Think it might be better to identify and eliminate the actual problems rather than look for way to live with it. Don't get me wrong, I greatly enjoy messing my diapers occasionally. But when doing so, I always cleanup fast. Not sure falling back to sleep for several hours in a messy diaper is such a healthy thing to do.
    Are you eating something your body doesn't tolerate in the evenings? Sounds like a food allergy.. I am far from a medical professional though! Lol
    All the best with it anyway.

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    I'd go with it. It's only a couple of hours and I usually wear a messy diaper that long if I can. You'll want to use plenty of barrier cream (I like A&D oinment, although I use the generic). Ownage and soakingboy are right about getting a consult if it continues to long. But if you love diapers because you use them, it a great opportunity to use them in a way that one doesn't often get to do.

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