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    I have been taking vesicare for over six weeks. To start with it improved my frequency issues during the day, but had little effect on y urgency issues or my bedwetting. I started on 5mg and then increased to 10mg as instructed. I have experience a very dry mouth, especially in the morning and constipation. Eventually I have given up the drug as it has not made much difference and the side effects, even though not severe, were not pleasant. Has anyone else used this drug? How effective was it, and did it have any side effects and did these get better over time?

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    I had a similar experience - if it really helped and I could be out of nappies I would put up with the side effects - but partial improvement was all I got and it wasn't enough to make putting up with the dry mouth, etc. worth it. Others may have had better experiences and if anyone has it would be good to hear them

    There are reviews from fellow IC sufferers at VESIcare: 163 user reviews - DailyStrength

    Most of the commonly prescribed drugs seem to have the same reputation - work for some people but not for others - and so a bit of time trying out alternatives might help determine what was best for you - definately worht discussiing with your doctor- but do give whatever you are using a fair trial because there might be a benefit you won't discover in a few weeks.

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    I've seen so many posts like this. I was prescribed Vessicare about six years ago. I didn't take it largely because I tried so many other anticholinergic meds and they all had the same effects. In my case, almost completely ineffective and too many annoying side effects. On top of that, your skin is more sensitive to sun. Great, I'm in the sun all the time. Why bother with a drug that still does not solve the problem and has uncomfortable side effects?

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    Over a period of about 3 years, my urologist tried prescribing a total of 6 different drugs for my urge incontinence, and Vesicare was one of those drugs. They all produced the same side effects to varying degrees. Dry mouth and constipation were also problems for me. However, somewhat unusually from what I've read, my worst problem was increased sinus congestion and more frequent sinus headaches. I agree that I might have been willing to put up with the side effects if any of the drugs had produced a dramatic reduction in my incontinence. But the effects were marginal at best. So none of the drugs were worth putting up with the side effects and certainly not worth spending the money.

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    for me it'll work for about 10 hours after 8 hours to kick in. But the inability to have a regular...or any bowel movement makes me take this as little as possible. I don't like diapers, but with the thanks, I'll take the diapers.

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    Well, I guess I'm lucky because it has actually improve matters quite a lot. On the overactive bladder side of things, I go far less frequently, which is a grateful improvement to my quality of life. However, I'm finding the side effects of dry mouth, gastric disturbances and constipation a pain in the ass, literally.

    Unfortunately a lot of my medication have these same side effects, so I have no choice but to tolerate it. I suck mints or other low calorie sweeties when my mouth is dry, and I take three different meds for the gastric problems and lactulose for the constipation.

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    This medication stuff is a difficult path to get results. After trying 4 of the leading meds and and the only result was dry mouth and still a wet diaper I gave up on the meds route. You may want to try them for a round and see what results you get. The 12 hour time-release was my last try. Good luck and just keep after your doctor for a solution.

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