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Thread: How do you number 2?

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    Default How do you number 2?

    I have to ask because this situation has troubled me throughout most of my diaper days. For those of you who choose to leave it to the the toilet, when you have to make business with #2, how do you work around the diaper? How do you manage to do so without rustling you snug fit diaper?

    Some do as they would a pull-up, which I've found could leave your diaper not so snug and tight fitting around the waist(Who would ever settle for this? ). Others would simply undo and redo their diaper tapes, which could also be troubling as the tapes are easily exposed and could somehow loose their "stickiness" or they could even tear a diaper wing.

    It's a situation I'm sure we've all faced. From recreational diaper lovers to those dealing with incontinence, we've all dealt with it somehow. If you choose to settle this business inside your diaper, well more power to ya, but I'd rather not discuss that(I prefer to stick to just wetting). I really want to find the most effective way to deal with this situation so I don't end up wasting my fresh/clean diapers anymore.

    Tips, stories, whatever ya got folks, I'd appreciate it.

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    get pullup style diapers...

    or, what i would do (i don't take em off to go poop, unless i'm not alone) is untape the diaper. try not to rip the plastic. then, retape it on, and of course the tapes won't be as sticky, but thats where your friend super glue comes in. i use super glue to glue tapes down when i'm wearing multiple diapers or want them really tight fitting, i haven't had a tape come off with super glue yet, haven't even tore the plastic

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    Easy: Just undo the two top tabs on an adult disposable, work it like you would a pull-up, then refasten. If it's cloth, undo one side, do what you have to do, then re-fasten. The key here, is you want something that can be refastened several times over its use. Some here may disagree, but I also empty the bladder when ever I can. The diaper is there for tactile purposes and to settle the nervous system, but it also helps solve issues with an overactive bladder when the restroom isn't an option.

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    I also forgot: I absolutely, positively CANNOT understand why people don't understand the taping system on an Abena, Dry 24/7, or similar setup. People, it has TWO parts. TWO! There's a WHITE tape, on top of a BLUE tape. The BLUE tape goes on the surface. To take the garment off, remove the WHITE tape on TOP and leave the BLUE tape in place. Now, when you're done, put the WHITE tape back on top of the BLUE, and align it as close as possible to the original. VIOLA! You're back in business. It's NOT rocket science!

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    The cloth-like diapers with Velcro tapes are much better about being re-fastened. I also have worn taped diapers out in the world, and sometimes I do untape it in the bathroom and go pee in the potty; saving myself the hassle of changing in a stall and saving the diaper for times when it's not convenient to make a stop.

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    I would definenently wear pull-ups while out so if you have to go to the restroom, you just pull them down and up

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    I use Abena M4's currently, which have tapes that can be re-fastened at least a good 5 times, so, if need be, I would just un tape it.

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    I have to agree with the general consensus of taking it off. It's what I do when I'm wearing. I'm usually using abenas or dry 24/7's so they have that double tape thing as not to wreck the plastic. After I take it off I fold the tabs down to where they were put at the factory (this is really hard to explain) to not get dirt or dust on them. When I'm done my business I just stand against a wall to refasten the tapes. Because I use the secondary tapes (usually blue) they're still stuck to the front of the diaper and I try to tape the white ones on top of those again. This ensures that I get a decent fit again. It's not perfect but it beats crappy pull-ups.

    I definitely think I'm going to try Honeywell's first technique though.

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    I always release the top two tapes then slide the nappy down, holding the lower tapes to support them if necessary, then sit on the toilet with the nappy around my ankles like "normal" underwear. Then pull it up again and refasten the top tapes, won't be quite as good a fit as before but can still be good enough to wear for a while longer.

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    Depends sells pull-up style diapers which also have tabs so that you can take it on and off easily.

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    Like others have said, you can easily pull the top two tabs and carefully re-stick them on the original tab they as they were new. This gives you enough room to pull down and do your thing. Then just re-fasten as you had before. It usually won't hold quite as well but it should be good enough. I also try to time things when I wear, if not in the mood to get "messy" I will try and work around my normal schedule or habits.

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