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Thread: Paraphilic Infantilism on the Obsessive Compulsive spectrum?

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    Default Paraphilic Infantilism on the Obsessive Compulsive spectrum?

    I decided to post on the AB forum mostly because this is more of a adult knowledge type thing haha. I personally have a good collective knowledge about psychology so that is why Im interested in this subject.


    I read somewhere that Paraphilic Infantilism is considered on the OCD spectrum. If thats the case then most of the people on this website, including myself, have OCD. Is this true? Does somebody know more about this then I do?


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    I can only add to the OCD theory as I am OCD, and Aspergers.

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    I guess I could be considered on the OCD aspect. Say with cleaning.... hard to get started. But once I do I cannot stop till I am personally satisfied if I did a good job or not. In some cases that may be 10-40 mins, in other cases it could be 4-10 hours later after I start.

    So if that is deemed OCD then I guess I have it.

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    From wiki: "Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear, or worry, by repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety, or by a combination of such obsessions and compulsions..........."

    I don't think I agree with the suggested link between OCD and AB - I find the AB lifestyle sort of an an escape from the realities of grown-up life (job mortgage etc), but it is a very distinct part of me. So I i might think about being little when I'm in a boring meeting at work, but it doesn't upset me or compel me to do anything about it.

    Thats not to say the reverse is true - Some ABDLs are bound to be OCD - But I doubt they'd be OCD about ABDL - It would be much more likely to be washing / cleaning / etc (the usual stuff).

    But then again its not a black and white thing. Like I run through a checklist in my head every time I leave the house (watch, glasses, wallet, phone, keys, etc). My wife thinks its complete overkill but I think its just prudent - Guess which one of us always forgets to take her phone.....

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    I am slightly OCD, I do have some OCD tendencies

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    Well I think the reason it is considered on the OCD spectrum is because AB/DLs (some of them) tend to have obsessive thought patterns about Diapers or whatever else. Some people also use AB/DL fantasies to escape anxiety or other stressful situations (I know I do and have in the past) so I think those are some of the parts that would be considered OCD. I appreciate your input

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    Oh really? I am currently being tested for Aspergers Syndrome. Its interesting to see that there are allot of autistic AB/TB/DLs and I may just be one of them depending on my test results.

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    And what about related BDSM preference ?

    As I know myself - I've concetration disorder (don know exactly english therm) - which consist p.e. estoy counting , someone calls me, I loose the count and have to start from zero.

    I've a lot of emotinal problems, but last year I'm a few equilibrated.

    Had a few depresions, caused from outside.

    Sometimes I'm paranoic, if my stuff is hidden good.

    But I'm not 24/7 AB (and prefere not be 24/7,) not very DL (just for circustances,) but I like do it more times like now.

    So what ?

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    Can you tell us where you got the information?

    I also have anxiety, Asperger's, learning disability, ADD, Language processing Disorder, and OCD, mom just told me I had that because I get obsessed. She said OCD is a component of Asperger's and so is anxiety. That is what she was told by my psychiatrist. but of course you can have anxiety and not have Asperger's and you can have OCD and not have Asperger's just like you can have poor social skills and not have it either. You can also stim and not have it either. It seems like every Asperger trait has it's own name like dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, adjustment disorder, body movement disorder, communication disorder, OCD. But have enough of them, it becomes AS. But then there are people that say OCD and anxiety are not symptoms of AS and they are just comorbids. Some people also say they are not part of AS and some people say obsessing over topics is not OCD nor is having a routine you have to stick to and that there is a difference. So confusing. I thought Linda Weaver in Snow cake was OCD and that is very common in autism. She was autistic and was obsessed about keeping her house clean and always kept her home spic and span it looked like it was in a display magazine. Plus she could not touch the trash bags so she always had her daughter to it for her and then she passed away so at the end of the movie one of her neighbors does it. She even freaked out when her dog pissed on the carpet just like I freak out when my son spills on the floor or is about to and I act like he is about to get hurt. Then my husband tells me I am doing a form of child abuse because I yelled at him. He was about to make a mess with my cereal that had milk in it so I had to run after him going "no, don't touch my cereal"and I pulled hm away fast as if he was about to get hurt and he cried.

    I also had depression which is also common in autism but I don't have it anymore. Mom also said I have an addictive personality but I think that is another one of her fancy labels she pinned on me. Just like the time she said I had an adjustment disorder and PTSD. But I have looked them up and they don't seem to fit me. PTSD is more than shy and having social anxiety due to my past and experience. Adjustment disorder is where things never get better after a change in your life like new job or loss of job or divorce or separation or moving house and because I do get better, I can't possibly have it. Addictive personality, my diapers don't seem to control me or run my life so I am good.

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    I have some kind of learning disability that they dont seem to be able to give a name to, I have had it since childhood and it affected me differently to how it does now, back when i was little i think the symptoms were more like Dyspraxia, i was very clumsy, my hand eye coordination was awful, i couldn't hold pens pencils knife and forks properly, i had to have special rubber grips for them, my balance was not good and i did not loose the stabilizers on my bike till i was about 10! i was also behind in my mental development. My balance is a bit better now, you wouldn't think i had any problems with balance now as i ride my bike everywhere, but even now i can easily fall over, its happened before on my bike where I've just stopped and toppled over, much to my friends amusement! My problems seemed to change as i got older now i seem to suffer from conditions such as bi polar and aspergers, ADD has also been mentioned, my CPN hasnt given me a name for my problem, but mentioned ADD and also borderline personality disorder, she says I'm a mixed bag! and my GP has treated me for depression I personaly think I have Aspergers as my friends son has it and i see a lot of similarities in him, such as his obsessions with certain things, he also is fascinated by light, as am I, my house has lots of lights, not just normal lights to help se in the dark i mean, but special lights that change colours and stuff, and i have this projector thing which make swirly patters go on my wall, and lava lamps and disco balls, and i could sit all day watching them and trying to spot patterns that i can recognize and able to tell when that patern or cooir will appear again, i also like counting lights when i'm in a new building, i get very angry if the lights are not symmetrically arranged. I think maybe i do also have some degree of OCD, not really bad but i do have this thing about symmetry.

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    I feel like I have OCD tendencies, but I would hesitate to claim that I have full-blown OCD. The tendencies can show up in the most random things, while at the same time I can ignore things to a harmful point (e.g. academic procrastination).

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