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    I'm a bit new here so hey.

    I recently moved out of my parents' so I've started delving into this topic more recently. I've always been into diapers, but I've never worn one (past the usual age, of course).
    I figured I'd refer to myself as a TB until I actually started looking like an adult, unless that's somehow written against in the rules. As it stands, I look 16, and if I shave my face and get a haircut, I apparently look 12. It's a bit of a hassle when I try to buy cigs. They always give me a weird face.

    So hello.
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    Welcome to ADISC. It's wonderful to get freedom to be youself for the first time. Good luck with the age ambiguity. It may be a hassle to look too young but remember, if you look too old you are unlikely to look young again! Hope you enjoy part of your freedom here.

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    Hey Welcome To Adisc. We are very glad to have you here. That is awesome that you have been able to move out. I am still waiting for the day. But still am doing what I can to explore the ABDL world from my parent's home. It is not always easy but for the most part they leave me alone about it. Anyway this is great sight and you will have fun reading all the poss and getting to know people. The best way to do that is to hop on the chat and join in on the conversation. Anyway Have a wonderful day.

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