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Thread: Hello soggy people

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    Default Hello soggy people

    I've posted a few times but only yesterday noticed this introduction section.

    Compared to most of you I'm old, long in the teeth I have left - 45. I notice that there are a few people posting who are as old as me or older. I'm based in the UK, in Scotland, married with three kids.

    As I've said on other posts, it's pleasing to see that most of you guys who are younger display a level of self-acceptance that I never have been, never really will be able to achieve. It's important because the reality is clear to all of us - these feelings don't go away! Prepare yourselves, teenbabies, for increasingly weird glimpses in the mirror as the years go by ...

    Anyway - nice to meet you all. Be good.

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    I'm not s... ... ... oh, wait... yes I am.

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    I'm not ^^ I'm not even a TB =D

    Anyways, Welcome to the site. We're glad to have you here ^^

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    Thank you for the formal introduction, Timmy. A formal welcome right back at you.

    You mentioned you're also married with children. Does your wife and/or kids know about your being an AB or DL? Just curious because I would never dream of revealing my "other" side to my wife. I'm not a DL which would be something pretty hard to conceal from your spouse unless you remained a diaperless DL most of the time which wouldn't be very enjoyable.

    Myself, it was only by finding this forum three years ago that I discovered who or what I've been most of my life. It was a relief to find I wasn't alone by a long shot! Just my brand of AB-ism is a bit different than most.


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    Yes, I'm like you pramrider - I would indeed never deliberately reveal this side of myself to my wife. It's an important part of me, but I feel it would change the way she saw me too much - it isn't ALL of me! I think being this way makes you understand all sorts of things about people in ways that people who are mainstream can never quite grasp. People who aren't split the way we are find any kind of division very hard to understand - most of all they find it hard to understand that this isn't a choice. Far from it.

    Tell me more, pramrider - you say your brand of aby-sm is different - how does it differ?

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    Your official staff welcome

    Thanks for joining. It's always great to have folks in your age group around here because you help to set an example for some of our younger members and your age group usually has some great advice about living your later life as an AB. Really great to have you aboard. I see you've already hit +5 rep - congratulations. It shows that you're good at communicating your experiences and even though you're new you've already contributed some wise words. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing you post more around here


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    Quote Originally Posted by timmywimmy View Post
    Tell me more, pramrider - you say your brand of aby-sm is different - how does it differ?
    Well Timmy, most *B/DLs, on ADISC anyway, are into smaller baby items - diapers, pacis, bottles, plushies - things like these. With me, it was always larger items. At first, in my elementary school years and later, I had this attraction to riding on toys that children much younger than me would use. As time went on to early adult age, I became more attracted to baby gear as well as the ride-on toys. It would get me excited even just thinking about climbing into a stroller, highchair, baby swing, or car seat I'd see - anything baby related I could fit myself into if the opportunity presented itself. It was both enjoyable and frustrating to me. Frustrating because I had no idea why my thinking was so "different"; why I even had thoughts about such items to begin with. Because of this, I think of myself as part AB and part Adult Kid. I have both a stroller and vintage tricyle collection which serve as both a hobby and source of enjoyment to use to satisfy my AB/AK desires when I'm alone.

    I have tried diapers before, but they don't get me excited like the baby gear items I've mentioned. That's why I say it's a different type of *B-ism I've dealt with since a young age. I've been meaning to start a thread about this some time soon when I have time to get it together.


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    Danny - thanks for very kind welcome! Nice to be here.

    Pramrider - yes it is different, but in a way that sort of underlines the oddness of being ab in the first place. Most abs fetishise one object or another - whether it's the diaper itself, or a dummy, or ther baby bottle. And for a lot of us the crib is a rather big deal ... I suppose that's the funny thijng about all this - the extent to which it's the set-dressing, scenery, and costume that matters - it's sort of theatrical. And in that sense of course you're just the same. Certainly you're in the right place

    Like many of the people here I have what a transsexual would call a 'passable' sexuality as well. MEaning one that passes for mainstream. But even in my 'passable' guise I liike girls who wear stockings, heels etc - the theatre is still there. Elsewhere on this forum there are threads that discuss embarrassment and humiliation as part of ab/dl sexuality. Here is theatre again. I think all of us are trying to recreate a moment that left a particularly lasting impression upon us - very often, however, we have forgotten the moment itself, or when it occurred. But the props and the costume remain and we try to arrange them around ourselves.

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