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Thread: New Zealand - where to find Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Briefs M4 X-Plus

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    Question New Zealand - where to find Abena Abri-Form Air Plus Briefs M4 X-Plus

    New here.. hi to the other Kiwi's on here :-)

    I've been trying to find a local supplier in New Zealand that stocks this product, I can buy it from overseas but then the shipping is just rediculous.

    Does anyone know of a local supplier, or an Australian supplier with cheap shipping to NZ?

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    Hi there

    Sanicare/BUNZL are the NZ distributers for Abena. They have a warehouse in Onehunga, Auckland that I have bought from several times. However, generally they are used to supplying direct to rest homes etc, and don't seem to do retail or online ordering particularly well. I think you can phone them up and order with a credit card, though they might only sell by the carton.

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    If you are in Christchurch, there's a place that I got the highest absorbency Tenas from - which are amazing in themselves. Wish I remembered the name though. Found them on Google easily, since they were the only place I could find on South Island. Had "nurse" in the title. Wish I could help more.

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    It depends how long ago that was, Christchurch isn't quite the same place it was a couple of years ago of course and a large proportion of businesses may no longer be operating.

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    website for nappies direct have abenas Stores all over NZ. Also when i used to get them on prescription BAxter healthcare used to supply them

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    Hi everyone, thanks for the suggestions.

    PWC: Medent does appear to supply them (I googled too) but they only supply to the medical profession, they don't appear to sell direct to consumers. I have emailed to see if there are any retailers THEY supply to they can put me in touch with.
    bloodyelle: I think you're probably referring to Nurse Maude, no detail about Tena's on their website but did you just call them up?
    puppyluvs: Sanicare/BUNZL, yes found these guys before didn't know they had a warehouse in Onehunga.. interesting.
    stillnotdry: babyonline doesn't sell Abena brand (or certainally nothing listed on their online store).. just Prevail, Affective and a couple of others.

    Any more ideas?? ;-)

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    Not really sorry. As far as I was aware Sanicare are the main distributer - they probably supply any other medical supply companies that on sell them here. Like I said, they don't seem to have any real retail sales. They always seem puzzled of you show up at the warehouse asking to buy some, but they will sell them to you. They also have an online ordering system, but again, it's geared to resellers buying in bulk - I sent them a couple of emails asking to be set up for web sales, but you have to register as a debtor with them first.

    The only other place I've managed to buy them from online is Trade Me, but that seemed to be a one off - I haven't seen them listed since.

    I've looked at ordering internationally, but as you said, shipping is ridiculous. It's cheaper to buy a carton of Cushies and get them shipped from the US than it is to get Abenas shipped from Melbourne

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