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Thread: New Denpends Commercials what do you think of them.

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    Default New Denpends Commercials what do you think of them.

    New trend in Depends Commercials. I beleave it will help people with incontinence and are self conscious about it.

    I also hope helps us With AB/DL.

    Celebrities Try On New DependŽ Incontinence Briefs and Underwear

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    I think it's great for both people with real IC issues and DLs! Maybe this will help to dispel the false impreession that adult diapers are "those things that old people wear." I would love to see the day when ic products are seen as just another choice in underwear, instead of something to be ashamed of, or to laugh at. I think as a society, the US is getting there. It seems people are generally becoming more and more accepting of personal choices that may be outside the norm. I have seen examples of this where people have even expressed that it is "cool" or "adventurous" of someone to shamelessly wear a diaper. I would hope we'll see the day when anyone caan wear, for any reason, and if people around them notice, they just shrug it off, though it may still not be all that common.

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    Just ordered a sample! ^____^

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    Butterfly Mage


    People who are prostate cancer survivors generaly have dribbling problems and not full imcontinence, so these new briefs will proabably be okay for that purpose.

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    I kind of felt the commercials were a bit ridiculous. They should work on their product instead of spending all that money on silly advertising.

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    My wife and I have gotten a few chuckles out of the commercials. Competing with the Depends commercial is the Tena commercial, where some woman puts a wet Tena in a twisting machine and proudly proclaims how much water it holds. "You couldn't do this with other diapers!" Clearly she's not talking about an Abena M4 or Dry 24/7.

    I do think the commercials will have a slight positive affect on people's attitudes, especially those who need them, which probably accounts for the buying majority. There has been the "Copper Pipe" people commercials which is a commercial for medication to control frequent urination. At age 64 I'm beginning to experience a little of this. I know I won't be taking any of that medication, haha. Diapers here I come. But seriously.....I think there will be older people who will feel a little more comfortable and accepted should they need to wear "protection".

    There is a world of difference between needing diapers, and infantilism, wearing diapers to regress. I don't think the commercials will in any way make us more acceptable, and if so, it would be slight.

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