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Thread: Same sex marriage LULZ.

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    Default Same sex marriage LULZ.

    YouTube - The Most Logical Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage


    GENIUS. Someone give that man a pineapple!

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    Gah! My internet has been speed-limited!

    Can someone please give me a summary of the argument?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Gah! My internet has been speed-limited!

    Can someone please give me a summary of the argument?
    Gay potato orange sex.

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    Logic prevails!

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    OMG, a round apple! Then the orange comes in and ends up having gay potato orange sex which makes so much sense. God bless this guy's logic!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    Don't forget the apple. The ROUND apple.
    And they all start mmmmmmmmmmmmmakin' out.

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    I remember watching this video before awhile ago. But really, I can only see the banning of same-sex mariages because "being gay is a taboo". Which a certain number of people still believe. Or at least, thats what I think this video is about if it has any real meaning other than its stupid to oppress same-sex mariages.

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    How about you just leave people marry who they want, and the person they love, why should I marry someone I don't truly love, because it looks better to you.

    If I want to marry I will, to whoever I want to marry, if you think it's wrong so what.

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    That was so funny...I loved when the orange turned into Pac-Man and started banging the potato ...There's a sentence I never thought I'd say...

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