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    So I am a PR major at my college and I have been making a lot of flyers recently for school. After the first few I found that I really like putting them together. To the point of the post I was thinking about putting together some flyers about different religions and cultures and taboos with websites like understanding infantilism on them, if I did an abdl one, which if I did would be long after I got them established. But I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on this? Any at all like whether it is even a good idea, or what topics I should cover, or how to tactfully cover things like sexual fetishes even though for some infantilism has nothing to do with sex and these flyers if posted would be in a college environment like dorms. It feels like a good idea but honestly talking about fetishes doesn't seem like a great idea, even though I really want to find a way to get people to start accepting each other more all around and who knows maybe you expose people to things they find they might enjoy?
    Wow long post well thanks much if you take the time to reply I could really use some ideas.

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    When I think of flyers, I think of those tracts that people leave attached to your door handle. These usually are church invites or some info about a coming even in the local community. I guess I am a bit puzzled as to what purpose an AB/TB/BF/DL flyer would serve? I am sure you could come up with wonderful information and graphics. But what specific purpose would it fufill?

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    Maybe at the bottom of all of them you could but something like "Battling ignorance one flyer at a time".
    I think it would be a nifty idea, you could start with basic religions like Islam, then move to stuff like Taoism and Paganism.
    After a while you could start moving into more lifestyle stuff, then kinks. I am always interested in stuff like this and if it was in flyer form I would most definitely read them.

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    I was pretty much thinking the same thing as Wazzle. I don't want abdl to be a bigger part than anything else I just want to find a fun easy way to promote understanding in all forms.

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