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    Default please tell me

    Just curious on when it was your first time wearing diapers as an adult and how you felt wearing them your first time

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    My first time was about 15 years ago. I got a sample Depends and tried it out. Being a long time DL it felt good to wear something that fit me, and that I could leave on for a while.

    It's only in the past year that I started wearing regularly. I won't go into how I got to wear regularly in the public forum, but I've now been wearing at least twice a week for over a year. My favorite diapers are the Abena X-plus M4s, but I also wear Assurance. I wear plastic pants with both. I mostly wear at night to keep from having to get up to go to potty in the middle of the night...I have trouble falling back to sleep if I get up at night. Anyway, in addition to the 'practical' reason, I very much enjoy wearing and using diapers, and would like to wear during the day also, but don't want to take the risk. I find wearing and diapers at night comforting, and it makes me feel little, although I don't consider myself an AB.

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    My very first time was with a store pack of depends, they were so thin and cheap I was terribly disappointed. I was thinking "wow, I've waited all this time to finally go GET diapers, and this is all the better it gets?" It was a year before I decided to try again.

    My first real time was when I ordered a sample of Bambino (classic). I was in heaven. "Oh I have got to get me more of these!" I could hardly wait for my first case to arrive. It was such a relief to know that I could get diapers that lived up to my original expectations of what really getting to wear diapers would be like.

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    While I wasn't an "adult", My very first time wearing diaper, while not being a child, was when I was in 9th grade. I had been playing around with using towels and I think I may have put my younger bothers diapers between my legs (but I couldn't tape them closed), but they didn't have the feel I wanted. I was a disposable diaper baby and really wanted them. I have had the desire to be diapered since 4ish, but didn't have a way to get them. I'm not quite an Adult Baby, as I do enjoy babyish things but don't have any right now, but I'm definitely a diaper lover.

    Anyway, I took what money I earned mowing the lawn one weekend and biked to the store and bought basic "Attends" brand diapers. I was scared as hell. I even went to a store that was a mile pasted the closest store to my home. The whole way, I prayed I would not get seen by someone I knew.

    When I got home I put them on immediately. I remember the feeling that they fit me just like I remembered when I was in diapers. It's hard to explain, but the closest words are a "feeling of nostalgia". When I was diapered as a little kid I was loved by everyone, parent, grandparent, siblings, etc. I had no cares in the world. I didn't have to worry about school (then) or work (now). I was safe, secure and free, (in more ways then one). That is how I feel even now when diapered. I do wet them, and I do enjoy that, but wetting is not what motivates me to be diapered. It's the "feeling" I get. However, the natural result of being diapered is to use them.

    Anyway, in short, I feel like being diapered is is just the way I should be. It is my natural state. While not being diapered, it just not the way I should be. I'm missing somethings.

    The problem I had in my 20's was that "Attends" spoiled me. I enjoyed them so much, that when I moved to an area that didn't carry Attends (and I did look hard), I hated using "Depends". I was not yet on the internet and I was to afraid to mail order them. Depends leaked for me so much that I no longer felt "safe" using them, defeating the whole purpose. I went 8+ years not using diapers, until I got up the courage to order the Attend Extended Wear online.

    Now, I go threw phases where I wont wear diapers for a while, then I will be back in them as much as possible. Right now I'm in the as much as possible phase, as I just bought my first order of Dry 24/7's and absolutely love them. I have been diapered almost 24/7 for the last week. I think I have reached a turning point in my diapering.

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    I bought my first pack of depends during christmas break of my first year in college. I knew I would forever be a diaper lover. At 43, I still can't let go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msnewbie View Post
    Just curious on when it was your first time wearing diapers as an adult and how you felt wearing them your first time
    Sept 7, 2011 - Awesome feeling.

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    April 15 2011-Things would never be the same again.

    I felt an emotionally fulfilling high that lasted 9 hours, a high that could never be attained from the ultimate first diaper experience bliss of DLism.

    WOW, just wow.

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    I was about 16 and my story mirrors CrinkleAR1Jeff's in many ways. I worked at a gas station/service centre. One of our customers dropped her car off for servicing the previous night and it was my job to pull it into the service bay before the mechanic arrived. The customer was a public health nurse and her car was full of Attends and Depends. I ended up taking an Attends (not proud of stealing and I don't endorse it), hid it until the mechanic came, did his work and went home. I locked up, put on the back in 5 minutes sign, went into the bathroom and changed into the diaper. It was winter, so I was wearing a long coat and wasn't worried about the bulge showing through. I served customers the rest of that afternoon wearing a diaper and I could hardly keep the smile off my face. The great shame was having to take it off and throw it away at the end of the day.

    Again, I want to be clear -- yes, I stole it and it was wrong.

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    the first time I ever wore one was when I was 12. This old lady died a few houses down from me and I was outside on a Saturday night and I saw two unopened bags of depends in her front lawn with a free sign so I took them, rushed home, and just taped one on. It was the best feeling in the world. another time,when I was 15 I was at Walmart with my ex, my girlfriend at the time and some lady took off and left a bag of depends in her cart we walked into the store and when we walked out they were still there so we took them, went into an alley and wore them.

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    My first time I bought some nighttime Huggies size 6, which obviusly didnt fit, but fit in underwear so I wore them that way. The first time I tried, I couldnt make myself go. The next day at work I decided to go home and try again. I wanted to really have to go when I got home, so I didnt go to the bathroom before I left work. Well, I live about 50 minuets from my workplace, so by the time i got home I was frantically having to go. I didnt think I would make it. I put on the diaper and immeditly went, no problem. It felt amazing!!!! And amazingly, the diaper held it all without leaking which I found surpirsing from a baby diaper.

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