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Thread: Best Pull up diaper?

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    Default Best Pull up diaper?

    Hullo, I would like to know what the best pull up style diaper is, at least the best one I can get from in store? I'm looking for comfort and hopefully decent absorbancy. Cost effectiveness would be good as well.

    I can fit pretty well into Goodnites (I'm very skinny), and I like them, but I was thinking of trying something different.

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    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but chances are you'll have a hard time finding a pull-up that comes anywhere near the same absorbency as a diaper. In my opinion, Goodnites are probably your best bet. I personally like the graphics on them and think they have a good fit. You could try Pampers Underjams as well. They're a lot softer than Goodnites and hold a little more, but the sides are more delicate so they're more prone to tearing. Although, since you say you're fairly skinny this might not be a problem for you. I'm on the skinnier side (but not that skinny) and I've been able to successfully wear and use Underjams.

    The best overall pull-up in terms of absorbency would probably be the pull-ups made by Abena ( XP Medical - Pull Up Disposable Protective Underwear ). These aren't available in stores however. So yeah, I'd say stick with Goodnites or try Underjams and whichever you like more should become your new main pull-up. If you get the chance to get and use a premium diaper like Molicares and/or Abri-forms I strongly suggest giving those a try. They're much softer than pull ups and function waaay better. But they cost more, you need to usually order them offline, and they're not as easy to deal with compared to pullups.

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    One thing I hate about the adult pullups is They don't go high in the front. So they dont make for good night time use.

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