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Thread: First time in diapers!

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    Default First time in diapers!

    My boyfriend just bought me diapers for the first time, and I am sitting in one now! I am so excited!

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    I remember my first diaper, I absolutely loved it

    Well congrats anyway you sound happy

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    well enjoy it well you can because diapers run out fast especially when you are having a lot of fun.

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    Is there anyone with advice on diapers, like how to hide them and all? And any avice in general will be much appreciated, too!

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    Congrats... I'm still waiting on my diapers. I ordered my first set online. I cant wait to put one on. I hope i enjoy it as much as i fantasize about it

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    Ditto everyone else here - Am glad you are enjoying the experience

    As to where to hide - That kinda depends on what kind of place you live in, who you live with, who you're hiding them from, etc. Could always stash things at your bf's place - Yet another reason to see him

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    aaahh but are you getting the added bonus of the BF being the one to diaper you?

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    Congrats. I hope you enjoy your time in diapers. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. You get to enjoy your diaper time with a loved one, something I haven't yet been able to.

    My only advice is, buy what you like. I spent too much time buying and using diapers I didn't like that much out of convenience, cost, and fear of being caught. I regret all the times I could have been using my favorites, just because I was to afraid to order them. Now I buy Attends Extended Wear and Dry 24/7's, and I'm willing to pay more for them. They fit me like my diapers as a child did, and I love them. Like the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    Since your new to diapering, you may not know what you like. Most major Adult Diaper websites have "Sample Packs" that come with a mix of the different brands they offer. Per diaper they cost alot more, but the you don't spend the money getting diapers you will never like. You can find the one you really like and then buy in bulk. I buy from xpmedical, but I'm planing of trying the samples from Mind you these aren't the only place, just the ones I use or want to use.

    As to hiding them, that is completely up to you. By your profile (i.e. "Going to college in September") I would guess you don't live alone, so you will have to find a place that those you live with wont find them. Perhaps at your Boy Friends, but that wont work if you want to use them often.

    However, no matter how hard you try, eventually you are going to be caught or you are going to choose to tell them. I've been caught twice by someone I didn't want to know about it. Your family and friends aren't stupid and hiding diapers is not very easy when you do it everyday. Just prepare an explanation beforehand, i.e. know what your going to say when it happens. That way your not flustered. It only makes it harder when you have to "Think" on your feet, when confronted with evidence of your diaper love.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    aaahh but are you getting the added bonus of the BF being the one to diaper you?
    Yes! He has diapered me twice! I quite enjoy it! It is so nice to be diapered by someone...*sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjasmine View Post
    My boyfriend just bought me diapers for the first time, and I am sitting in one now! I am so excited!
    That is wonderful. I hope you two enjoy!
    Are you the one interrested in diapers, or is he?

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