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Thread: You know what would be a great idea?

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    Default You know what would be a great idea?

    A device or machine that allows you to make your own disposable diapers that are just as good as the ones you buy in a store or maybe better.

    what do you all think?

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    Sounds good. Let me know when you've got one and what your price is and we'll talk.

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    That would actually be a cool invention.

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    I'll see if I can get or even make one
    heck I might even share it free of charge

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    That would actually be a cool invention.
    with it you can make your own print designs, make the thickness the way you want it, ect

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    I would comment on the idea but I got backlashed for saying an idea simular to yours.

    Good luck and try to make it happen for our sake

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    With the 3d printers they have now I don't see this being too far off.

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    It would also be cool if there was a machine for home use that could make any car you wanted

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    It would be nice. I describe such a system in my post 'on the perfect diaper..." Not quite so easy to implement as to conceptuallize, though ...

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