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Thread: your most painful moment??

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    Default your most painful moment??

    whats your most painfull moment you can remember?
    and i mean physical pain...

    i have two acctually but the most painfull i had so far was whilst playing soccer near some trees, and someone shoots the ball in a tree....
    as tough as i was (not) i climb up the tree, 5 feet high, could'nt really reach it and slipped.... landed right on a branch below on my gentlemens vegetables!
    couldnt walk straight for 3 houres...could be something for funniest home videos!

    second one was jamming my finger between a car door....nail fell off and such...

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    The most painful moments for me so far are when I slipped on a blanket running around a corner and split my head open by hitting it on the corner and when I was racing my friend down the street on our bikes and I hit a crack on the sidewalk flew over the handlebars and cut up my elbows and knees pretty badly. Even worse was that all the cuts got infected... not a pleasant experience at all.

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    Mine was in collage riding my bike to class, i cut across Commonwealth Stadium and went to go up on the side walk where it sloped down but I was at an angle so the front wheel caught and flung me off onto my chin and i slid about 2-3 feet on my chin, feet in the air, before falling over. I did manage to tie my shirt around my chin & above my head so I could walk the 2 blocks (give or take) to the UK Hospital, though I don't really remember how many stitches it took

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    try jumping out a window and falling on a glass table.....owwwwwww

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    When my gallbladder became gangrenous. I had no real symptoms until I ended up running to the ER. They gave me 4 different types of pain killers, including Morphine. I still hurt some when I went home. The next day I was in surgery.

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    I had a tooth become infected and didn't have dental to get it fixed. I went almost 2 years with off an on pain. The pain got so bad I blacked out. Thats when I finally got it fixed.

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    the two most painfuls things I can remember have both been racing motorbikes
    one involved a speed wobble like this one but i was thown off, broke my leg & dislocated my arm on landing before hitting the barrier breaking my wrist, i was out of racing for about a year afterwords

    the other one involved my bike high siding me (this sorta thing) just quite abit faster, only brusied on landing but the guy following went over my left wrist breaking it and the pins holding it together, ended up off track for about 10 mounths

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    Rushing down some stairs to catch my bus for the weekend then falling down the concrete stairs and hitting my head of off them, may not seem like the most painful thing in the world but the dumb office staff at my school never even offered me ice, nothing serious just bad pains for the weekend I think I still have a lump where I hit my head and this was 3 years ago.

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    Mine was when I got hit by a Buick Rainier that ran a red light at 40 miles per hour while I was cycling to work. My leg was smashed into pieces, with some of it forced out of my skin. It took me about 2.5 years to recover, and I spent 9 months with this thing surgically installed through the bone segments of my leg.

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    I was climbing a tree and fell off it, but before I reached the ground my leg got caught between two branches. This was a tree with rough bark, so my leg was pretty much wrecked for a while. I was hanging there for a few minutes before someone found me. :L

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