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Thread: Sleep Paralysis

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    Post Sleep Paralysis

    I'm just curious here, does anyone else here have Sleep Paralysis?

    Its where you wake up paralyzed (obviously). This normaly happens when you hit REM sleep to early.

    When this happens to me, I wake up in a cold sweat, panicking. I feel my heart beat, and its extremly slow. My breathing is very shallow. I try moving but its nearly impossible, so I try to yell for help but nothing comes out of my mouth. Everytime I try to move I get more and more tense, and I cant relax at all. Just imagine yourself being very claustraphobic, and somone is putting you into a concrete box, and you cant do anything about it. Thats kind of what it feels like. When it happens then it lasts about 2 to 5 minutes. Its very terrifying.

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    I have had the same thing happen several times, but I normally only get 2-3 gasps of breath and a quick roll of my eyes towards the light coming thru the window before i'm out. But the next morning it feels like it takes all my strength to roll up and out of bed. It's a very scary feeling.

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    that has happened to me 3 times. 1 of those times in class (opps first time every falling asleep in class) it is very odd only able to move a little like twitching a finger if that. the thing is i found a way to get out of it. i am always wearing a diaper well sleeping so i just emagen that someone can see my diaper and i am about to get cough. that always makes my heart rate jump BIG time. and with your heart beating that fast it is like the fight or flight response and it wake you from your half sleep.

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    Happened to me twice. The scariest thing I have ever experiences without question.

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    I can't recall experiencing anything like this. Sounds pretty freaky though, not being able to do anything and all. There have been times where I've woken up and it's taken an exceeding amount of effort just to roll over, let alone get out of bed. But I think this has more to do with laziness/heavy sleeping.

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    This happens to mostly everyone (obviously excluding sleep walkers and people who suffer from night terrors). Your body goes into paralysis when you start to dream. Probably so you can't act out your dreams. It sounds really scary, but that's probably better than waking up being somewhere completely different and not knowing how you got there.

    Usually if you go back to sleep your body can finish the cycle and you can get up. Most of the time when this happens, you're probably still half asleep. Are you by any chance a light sleeper? I never knew that you could wake up in the middle of REM... It must be super scary, but don't worry. No one is putting you in a coffin, and as soon as you wake up fully it should go away.

    If it's happening a lot, I'd say go see your doctor and tell them about it. They could have you do a sleep study and figure out the cause and prevent it from happening. They might prescribe or tell you about a light sleep aid that could possibly help. If it worries you a lot and happens enough, see your doctor.

    If you don't want to see a doctor, next time it happens, try to fully wake yourself up. Imagine you really have to go to the bathroom, or you have really dry mouth and need a drink. That might help a bit too.

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    It's happened to me too many times to count. After a while a found a way to force my self awake, all you have to do is concentrate really hard and try to move, eventually your body just wakes up. The only downside is the strain from doing it leave you really exhausted, at times it's so tiring that I end up falling back asleep and end up with sleep paralysis again. Kind of a catch 22 isn't it.

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    I'd be curious to experience it, because I've read that you can use sleep paralysis as a launching pad for interesting dream / OBE experiences (blog post).

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    I've done this as well as a few other disturbing things. I've come out of a deep sleep gasping for breath because I've stopped breathing. My wife wants me to do the sleep study as I probably suffer from sleep apnea. There's another condition and I forget the name of it, but I believe it's been discussed on this site. There's a condition where the sleeper believes they see a ghost in the room, or someone has broken into the house/bedroom and they can't move. One tries to wake up and it's like the sleeper is in a half sleep. I've experienced this a number of times. It's scary.

    Edit: I had to laugh. Thinking further, I think what I described is called....wait for it..."Sleep Paralysis". Sign....I just get dumber and dumber, but that sense of extreme fear of something while sleeping, being aware and not being able to respond is what I believe they call sleep paralysis, and yes, many people experience it.

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    I get sleep paralysis frequently. I also lucid dream a lot.

    Sleep paralysis is usually easy for me to overcome -- I have a method where I just relax and stop moving.

    I got sleep paralysis yesterday, but I was face down, so I didn't realize what it was. I just couldn't move. I thought I was legitimately paralyzed.

    When I first started getting them, I was terrified also. My friend got one once and called in sick for the day. heh. :/

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