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Thread: Are You Active and in Shape?

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    Default Are You Active and in Shape?

    It's no secret that large amounts of people are over-weight and out of shape these days. However, there are lot's of fun ways to stay fit and keep the pounds off, including all kinds of sports. Plus, there's nothing worse than trying on that new diaper and finding out you can barely squeeze into it. Not a pretty site. So my question is: Are you in shape? What do you do to stay active?

    In my case, here's a list of things I like to do (in no particular order).

    Run 5K's.
    Play Ultimate.
    Head to the gym and work out for an hour.
    Hike in the woods.
    Road Bike.
    Do push ups, pull ups and sit ups.

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    i'm in shape fatwise...i'm very skinny and small... not a gram of bodyfat on me and i have an untrained body, very poor stamina too!
    but i'm fine with it, i'm very busy with my work and it keeps me somewhat in shape! i dont want to get fat, it isnt handy TBDL wise...hehe!
    i still fit in large boosterseats with backrest! LOL

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    quite fit,
    1km run with my husky every morning
    motorbike racing
    martial arts (tae-kwon-do, aikido, kendo, Krav Maga, S.P.E.A.R. system and bōjutsu)

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    I'm not active at all, but I'm not overweight either. I don't do much other than gaming and playing music, but during the summer, I'm outside riding my bike or walking my dog once in a while.

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    It's been a while since I did any sort of long-term exercise. I used to do it all the time but I'm busy with school now. Still, if there was a volleyball team or something, I'd join it... but only if it's free. Heck, even pickup would be fun. But no, I'm kind of out-of-shape now. I still try to go running every so often, and I don't pig out on food all the time, so my weight is still normal.

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    I'm small and skinny, but I'm not active I'm lazy

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    I'm fit, I can't put on weight no matter how much I eat. I don't train but I get exercise walking around the city everyday between classes, upto 2 hours a day with a heavy bag.

    I used to run and I still enjoy it but I just haven't for a while.

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    I'm starting to get fat... :/ I need to start running....

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    should i say, "i don't know"?
    i mean, i was pretty fit just two and a bit years ago (fitter than most people half my age), but a period of injury has put paid to that. and i'm not entirely sure how fit i am as i can't use my arms for much (torn cartilages in the shoulders), but i do side-curls most days, walk for miles over the hills with Harry and, as and when my condition allows, i try to maintain some strength in my arms with triceps and backshoulder exercises (press-up, push-ups and pull-ups are out of the question; still just recovering from trying some press-ups in December when i think i may have ripped a nerve in my shoulder a bit - i had to wait over a month until it had settled down sufficiently to then ensure that the pain wasn't due to something else).
    my loss of physical condition has been a bit of a downer, to be honest. but, in other ways, because of the pain, i've been happy to wither.
    and i've never liked sit-ups (nor running) as exercise, so it pains me to see the flab accumulating around my mid-riff; though there's the possibility of the excess fat being induced by the anti-inflammatories i take.

    whatever, once i'm fixed, i'm going to have to get back in shape before i go back to work. i hate gyms, though. and i sold most of my weights for scrap during the downer after being told that i would never go back to doing what i did.
    i wonder if i'll ever get back to where i was?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I would say I am in as good a shape as someone with tachycardia can be. While my heart condition means I can't jog, I do take pretty long walks (I can do 14 miles on a good day). I look reasonably fit and am in much better condition than mpst of my coworkers who are the same age I am.

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