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Thread: ....and they never leak.

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    Default ....and they never leak.

    I am so tired of hearing this endorsement from diapers and having people say, "well you must be taping the diaper wrong."

    The amount of urine different people expel is different. This can range from 150 ml to 750 ml. If you are on the lower end of that scale for your average urination you will not have any problem with any diaper, but if you are on the upper end of that scale then, yes you can and possibly will leak, even on the first time into the diaper.

    Picture peeing 3x4 wettings worth into a diaper at once. This is simply too much for even the best diaper to absorb quickly enough to not leak. Let's say you are also sitting down or in the car. Well now you have half the usable space so naturally the urine is going to go up, and leak out the upper sides.

    People cannot assume that everyone is the same in their endorsements or criticisms of diapers. When making statements, it should include how MUCH you urinate per wetting, because saying 3-5 wettings really does not tell anyone what your diaper is encountering.

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    lol i agree. i have a big blader and when i wet i can fill a diaper that people well say they get 2-3 wetting out of when i only get one.

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    I know just how you mean, during the day I have normal wetting's and can go 2-3 (maybe even 4) times but as the day goes on I wet much more to the point that at night/evening I can fill a diaper in 1 wetting with out batting an eye


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    I have never had a diaper that didn't leak. Even dry 24/7 tends to leak when I wet while sitting or lying down.

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    As well as bladder capacity, there's the issue of how you use your diapers, some people might wet as soon as they feel any slight need to, others might use it with a similar frequency to when they would use the toilet i.e. when it becomes uncomfortable, and others like to hold on as long as possible and let go with a real flood.

    Wetting small amounts often will minimise leaks and give you a better chance of using more of your nappy's capacity. Although I admit it's good to hold on and give it a full on soaking on occasions!

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    This is why you should take every review with grain of salt. Or maybe invest in cloth if you really wet that much. But I always thought that it was taken as a given that when people review something they are really saying this is my personal account of this product not necessarily what it actually is for you.

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    whenever I am in diapers I usually go when I get the urge. I noticed after my pee has sat for a while, I can wet again without it leaking. I like to use my diapers to capacity to make sure I get my moneys worth.

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    I would disagree somewhat. There will be variations, but there is an average bladder capacity, and most people are around the same. There are going to be some with significantly less capacity, due in part to IC issues, but max comfortable capacity is right around 15oz. The people with "super bladder capacity" (say above 25oz) are going to be very few. Most of the "leak complaints" I've read about here are from people that leak on the first wetting, and I'd wager they're only dropping 10-15oz. I would still maintain that if you are leaking on the first wetting into any moderate capacity diaper "you're doin' it wrong" (or you're in a cheap pullup etc)

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    Adult diapers aren't made to absorb all the pee in one spot at the same time, if you FLOOD them of course they'll leak more often, They are made for INCONTINENT people who TRICKLE (or dribble).

    Babies flood their diapers but their bladders are so small they only produce a very small urine at a time because babies aren't trained to hold urine until a more convenient time to go.

    The way you tape a diaper can also affect the integrity of the diaper. For instance if you tape the bottom tapes too tightly you create gaps in the leak guards and gatherers.

    If you try this dribble method you'll come to the conclusion that the absorbency has increased somewhat.

    Not even a cloth diaper can absorb urine in one spot.

    We aren't endorsing diapers we're simply trying to help you, if you're tired of the advice, then don't ask for it.

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