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    Default Creations

    If you've read my introduction you must surely know
    That at work I create with dough

    But I am also handy with a pen
    So I thought "Why just not show it then?"

    So here I am again

    My first post lacked proper context
    So here it comes without the pretext


    This is but a small sample
    Because my backlog is quite ample.

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    Aww, so cute, I love your style... but you know what that means right?... No?...
    Well, it means youŽll have to draw more, to satisfy my hunger for cuteness! ^^
    Great work, keep it up.

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    Wow, you've made a thread that isn't titled ""! :P I joke.

    Those drawings are really good. I wish I could draw well... I'm not bad, I don't think, I'm just not good...... :/

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    Now I come with more to show
    Some is reccent you should know

    The rest is old

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    I really wish i could draw like that. Are you gonna do commisions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tampa View Post
    I really wish i could draw like that. Are you gonna do commisions?
    Userpage of tetarga -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Says commission status is closed, but that's where you can keep an eye on that stuff.

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    I used to do them in the past
    Infact my earnings was quite vast

    But now I've stopped
    Atleast for the time being, commissions I have dropped

    But if you're interested
    Make sure my FA you've visited

    On it you will surely see
    When commissions open be

    So just hop unto this very link
    It's Userpage of tetarga -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I should think

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