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Thread: Greetings!

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    Cool Greetings!

    Hello all! I have been reading these forums for a little while now and have just gathered up my courage to actually register! ! Now about myself, I really love music, being instrumental vocal theater etc, I also love video games, diapers, and playing my cello, did I mention I love music? ( haha I feel crafty with my subtle sentance!). But seriously I am mostly a DL, and have some sort of furry/ babyfur tendancies, but I don't know myself completly yet! (who does?). I am a longtime singer and fan of music, since around when I sang very young in a childrens choir at my church, around when I started to 'like' diapers.(I wet the bed when I was young maybe 6 and up, was not a big fan of pullups, but still liked diapers, and now I'm good with both, hehe...) I thought I was alone, being some anamoly wondering if anyone anywhere was like me... My dl side went dormant for a while until I started using the Internet, seeing if possibly someone somewhere was ever like me... Through some rough google searches I found this site multiple times, to shy to really read more than a post, and now, I'm here!(and glad to be!$ (a bit involved, but hey?)


    Ps, there is more to me than what's in this post, but typing on an iPod is difficult...

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    Welcome! I hope you like it here.

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    In my newness, I have failed to find the edit button, I apologize for awkward, and bad grammer. It is difficult to post/ write on such a small screen, again usually my grammer and wording is not so off. (: )

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    Welcome to our community. We're a diverse group, as you can probably see from the wealth of different thread titles. It's good to have you here.

    Sooooo.... look around and post wherever the subject strikes you. See ya

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    Don't you have a pencil?
    I ain't got no pencil.
    Where's your grammar?
    She at home, and she ain't go no pencil neither.

    Don't worry too much about grammar and focus on posting interesting stuff! Welcome to the forums.

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    xD hehe, will try my best, thanks kitty, skinny and point!

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    Hi and welcome to ADISC fellow musician. Glad to see that you worked up the courage to post. I think you'll find the first is the hardest. It's always nice to see music folk. I'm sure you'll like it here.

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    I too love music and infact I am a member of a band that me and a friend made. He does the guitar, and I write the songs and am the singer! Its fun, we have a great time. I also love video games too.

    Sorry the the rant.. anwways Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Hey Musickid, I used to play the viola and violin. I say "used to" because it has been, oh..., a LONG time since I played. Would probably feel like starting all over if I picked one of them up now. Cello, how cool. Anyone else play a stringed instrument (classical instrument). We could put together a DL string quartet, maybe a little Mozart in diapers.

    Welcome to the group

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    Hehe, most definatly, I feel very welcomed , great to see so many musicians! Thanks spacemanben, babyjon and myworld!

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