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Thread: ABDLism and Mental Health

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    Default ABDLism and Mental Health

    Is your mental health and ABDLism linked? Since I started wearing for a leaky bladder, I find that my mental health has improved as well. I'm more relaxed and I find that I'm able to function better and I don't need to shut out the outside world the way I used to.

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    Mine is, but not in the same direction. I struggle with depression and I think a lot of it is due to the self-hatred I felt growing up as an AB/DL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelbaby View Post
    Is your mental health and ABDLism linked? Since I started wearing for a leaky bladder, I find that my mental health has improved as well. I'm more relaxed and I find that I'm able to function better and I don't need to shut out the outside world the way I used to.
    I suppose it's safe to say that there is a connection between my mental health and the need to wear and use diapers. But I don't know if it's a positive or a negative thing, nor have I taken any great leaps to explore it, though I have admitted it to professionals a few times.

    In your case I think it's more or less related to the fact that it makes you comfortable enough to be more out going. It's like a hearing aid or a pair of glasses. I certainly feel better with 20/20 vision, especially when I go to the movies.

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    I am more calmer and happier when I am wearing a diaper.

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    Wtf is mental health, if DSM-IV mark us as "no normals" ???

    OK, just return to topic... My AB is based in roleplay and not works 24/7. But all my life I'm with a lot of emotional problems (as a little boy emotionaly bad, very impulsive) and later I'd a few issues of depresions... Just for school or military abuse. The last depresion I killed +/- one year ago, one year after the... bad and sickness game of my ex. Lesion learnt - fuck off all personal influeces and no psychos. I'm my psycho. Found triggers of a lot of my problems. AB help me a few. And may I'm not real AB. I like diapers, but not use them frecuently. But I'm paci adicted. I smoke. I drink beer. I play CS. And the worst of all is my IQ, I think very elevated and it cause one part of my problems - exces of thinking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazySmoker View Post
    Wtf is mental health, if DSM-IV mark us as "no normals" ???
    This caught my eye. CrazySmoker is right about this. According to the DSM and any practicing psychologist, what we do doesn't meet the status quo of "normal." But at the same time I feel conflicted to say fuck them. They may have scientific facts and past cases to help them form assumptions, but there's no way they can know what truly goes on inside of each person's head. Everyone feels different emotions and has a different perspective on life.

    I actually asked my psychology teacher a few years ago "Why is paraphilia in the DSM ? How can clothes or inn animate objects hurt someone or the people around them ? It all seems quite harmless." He told me that fetishism is a odd thing and it effects some people on deeper levels than others. Imagine a man who has a fetish for women's shoes. He loves it when his wife wears certain shoes while they make love. But it's when he NEEDS her to wear those shoes that there starts to become a problem. At that point the attraction isn't even shared with another human being, just the shoes. And hypothetically say she refused to wear those shoes one night... That could lead to a fight or confrontation.. This is the point where fetishism becomes more like an addiction. Of course I'm not saying ALL fetishists are like this, I'm just giving an example of how in some strange cases fetishism has the potential to hurt people.

    I'll say this, I LOVE being an AB/DL. While it's a very special part of my life, that single characteristic doesn't define me by a looong shot. I feel like there are so many other diverse aspects that make me up as a person, that it would be asinine to fixate too much on a simplistic hobby like AByism. It's a very very special thing, and it should be treated as such. I just use it as a nice spice to my already happy life. To me personally, I think the best part of the entire experience is getting to share the love and emotions AByism carries with a very trusted partner. I feel really bad for the people trapped within their own self made walls, only finding pleasure in an inn animate object all their spare time revolves around.

    The lesson to be learned here is: Wear the diapers. Don't let the diapers wear you.

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    I can't attest to the ABDL and the general psychological world in general. But, I CAN say, that if yer ever (and believe me, fetish/fantasy aside, you do NOT want to actually live through it!), in a situation where you are committed, AND put in what they call a 'Safe Room' (Yes, that means the lovely wrap-around jacket, padded walls and floor), you are going to be put in a diaper. If yer not strapped to a gurney, there's a grilled hole in the middle of the room. I suppose, for those who wriggle out of their nappy, but decide to squat over that instead? I dunno.

    The whole situation was, extremely humiliating, and NOT in a 'Fun way'. I suppose that's part of the 'Therapy', and the incentive to get 'Better'?


    I certainly NEVER want to experience any of it again.


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    I have anxiety problems as well as a few (albeit minor) mental disabilities, so being little is an escape from the 'scary' world. However, I became depressed (partly due to hiding all of this). So, until my psychologist and I really talk about it and I tell some people or find another way to feel better, wearing diapers and suckin' pacis has made me feel worse.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't think my mental health has much to do with being a DL. My dissociative disorder affects my mental perception of myself but doesn't really have anything to do with diapers.

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    I don't see ABDLism sffecting mental health any more or less than any other activity in one's life. I suppose it could be argued that the stress of trying to fit in or hide it could affect a person's psyche, but then that really depends on the person. In my case, I think the two are totally unrelated. I used to think that it did, and that my desire for diapers indicated that I had serious underlying mental issues. I didn't even want to talk to a shrink about it for fear I could end up in the nuthouse. (Mind you, at the time I really thought I was the only one in the world with these urges.) However, I have received numerous batteries of in-depth mental testing for my job, etc., and never once has a flag been raised. Also, I am completely "normal" (whatever that is) in every other way. I have never been depressed about my DL tendencies, though they did cause me to be sort of a loner for a long time. This worked for my personality; I can see though how it could be devastating for someone who couldn't cope. If anything, like you I would say that overall, these days my diaper wearing improves my mental health by making me feel relaxed & happy & secure. That is now how I explain it to anyone who needs to know.

    Yours is a very interesting and loaded question, but I think there is no one answer for it. The answer is yes/no/maybe/sometimes? It all depends on the who/what/when/where/why and how.
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