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    Default :)

    I am me, nothing more
    That might seem like such a bore

    Bread and art is my game
    Different things, but still the same

    There might be other things I guess
    If you want to ask, be my guest

    Now I've rambled on long enough
    Time to get back to doing stuff.

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    That wasn't so bad, was it? But I hope you're not going to name all of the threads you make "". :P

    Nice intro! Welcome to the site!

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    What means whit bread ? Can some one explane that.

    Welcome to ADISC.

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    Bread is your game? Would you happen to be a baker?

    Either way, that's a rather original intro - nicely done

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    I most certainly am
    And I promise you, it is not a sham.

    For with sourdough I do create
    Works of art that are tasty and great.

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    Welcome, Targa, to our group!
    Bread I like too, in my soup.

    As you live in Sweden, cold
    Soup may keep you warm and bold.

    These rhymes I hope will show affinity
    And prompt you to much affability

    Towards us, so, let's hope we see
    You 'round here resting on your skis.


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    Nice one more from Sweden. I have miss that type of info

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    I must start to rattle my brain,
    to try not to make this rhyme strain,
    it's the bane of my life.
    only causing my strife,
    and alas this attempt's gone the same.

    I think my poem failed
    This Haiku is also poor
    Welcome to ADISC

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