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    Ok heres the story, for the last two days I've been messy as much as I've been wet due to bad stomache, problem is I cant take anything for my stomache because of the other meds I'm has anyone got any natural remedies for stomache upsets

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    Hey, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too great. I have IBS, and I know how annoying it is when your stomach feels awful! You are rather restricted if you can't take any medication, but perhaps you could try Peppermint Oil; I use that and it calms my stomach down a bit. Also, some herbal teas are good (you need to keep hydrated!) - obviously Peppermint tea is good, and so is Chamomile. I've heard that brown rice and bananas are good too, but I've not tried that myself. I hope you feel better soon!

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    As Leah said, Peppermint or Chamomile tea. I also drink a lot of Pure Green Tea, a Chinese friend recommended it to me. I believe it is a good source of remedy for upset stomach, but what you shouldn't do is drink too many cups a day of the luxury tea. 2 - 3 cups max. Drink without milk and as little sugar/sweetener as possible.

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    thanks guys I went and got some peppermint tea so I'll give that a try

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    Natural yoghurt does me no end of good also you might try ordinary tea with honey and Lemmon instead of milk. Avoid cheese, milk, cream as they feed bacteria also sugar bread and pasta will leave you feeling ill for longer as they are easily digestable by bacteria and will clog you up trapping them in the bowels and eat a balanced diet with fruit, protein, carbs and a little fat. Finally try and poop in a potty not padding it'll help put some distance between you and the bacteria and as always wash your hand with soap after a change not wipes you'll have a better chance of not putting bacteria back in at the top of your digestive tract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bill1971 View Post
    thanks guys I went and got some peppermint tea so I'll give that a try
    maybe it'll smell nicer?

    anyway, don't ask me why cos i don't know, but Frosties (with skimmed milk) always stiffen up my motions.
    wished i'd had some last week when i let rip as i wiped the bog seat down, before 'going'; it felt like a fart, at first, but then i realized. luckily, i was wearing an Indaslip at the time.
    i had a cold or some virus, btw - i don't usually crap myself.

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    When I have a tummy upset I found peppermint oil to be fantastic. On the little bottle it says Oil of Peppermint, you add three drops of the liquid on some sugar, add hot water (a mug full) and drink it slowly. Can you take Gaviscon ? that liquid helps when I get the poo`s. Kaolin and morphine works well too, (for me)
    I hope you feel bettewr soon hun. That is the only time I poop in a diaper when I have an internal upset.

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    I've found ginger to work wonders for me. Had some food poisoning and it ended up being my best friend especially in recovering. This could be raw ginger or a tea. Don't think pickled ginger is a good idea due to its vinegar base.

    Hope you feel better!

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    just a quick update everything is back to normal (well as normal as i get) still feeling a bit tender but Im thinking it might be IBS as I seem to have problems quite frequently with bloating, cramp etc time to get it checked out

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    YOu could try an OXO cube or stock cube in water . It wont fix it but it might thicken it up a bit LOL

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