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Thread: Not Another Diaperfur!

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    Default Not Another Diaperfur!

    Hey guys!

    I came on over from DailyDiapers, and just wanted to have two websites to be part of as opposed to just one.

    My friends call my Joey, I'm a diaperfur and a DL, and I'm well-known as a kangaroo by friends of mine.

    Glad to be here! I'm always down to chat!

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    Huh, welcome. I'm almost ready to say I know you off of someplace that isn't DD, considering you're a DF.

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    Welcome to adisc. Should be nice if you tell us more about you. What things do you like?

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    Oh great, more furries. They are practicly overrunning the place.

    Random questions: any special reason to pick a kangoroo? And do you box?

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