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    What girls name would you like to have? This is for everyone & if you already have a girls name since you already are a girl, do you like it or would you like to have another name instead?

    This is just for fun & if you want to do this, what middle name would you choose to have as well?

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    My name's Emily and its IRL name too. I picked it myself! The name I used before I came up with Emily (during my pre-transition stage) was Leanna, then before that, it was Sara. Don't get me started with middle names... it was harder than it looks. =P

    If I have the opportunity to pick a new name, it would be Lily. It won't happen anyway and I love my current name. Besides, I'm using Lily for my LG persona (femsona) on here.

    Edit: Just realized this is my 600th post... just wanted to mention that. hehe
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    My IRL name is a unisex name, Jordan, but it doesn't really resonate well with my girly side. I actually have three names for my other side that I haven't exactly decided on just yet. Most of the time, it's Alexis, as that was the original name I had planned for her, but then again I really like Zoe and Emilia. Either way, they're all great names in my opinion ^_^

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    The name I like most is Robin, It seems to fit me very well and rolls off my tongue naturally. Like Lily said a middle name is not as easy at it looks I've been months coming up with a middle name and nothing yet, but Leanna is such a beautiful name I may have to borrow it or maybe Leann or Leandra, but Robin will always be my first name

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    The name I really like is Hannah, it's spelled the same way forwards and backwards. It's just a name I really like.

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    Emilia came across my mind when about to settle with Emily. It is still very nice.

    LittleRobKY, you are more than welcome to borrow the name of Leanna. =D

    tall2826, Hannah was once in consideration of list of names I was going to pick for myself. It's very simple and nice spelling.

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    My lg name is Natalie, which derives from my rl name, Nathan.

    I do have girl names that I love, and if I'd ever have children, I'd use these:
    Anastasia, Aurora, Andromeda, Cosette, Fantine, Cadence, Esmeralda, Kora, and Juliet.

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    My real life name is Jan (which is actually expressed "Yan") but can easily be mispronounced as Jane, which is my girl name

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    Ashley, because it slides with my last name, and i had a friend pre-kindergarten that had it

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