Hi fellow forumites.

Its been a really tough few days.

My wifes gran lives with us and suffered a stroke after falling in her frail condition whilst on holiday with her relatives.

She has no medical aid/health insurance and was ping-ponged around various government hospitals for different tests.

The conditions at government hospitals are terrible and the casualty ward contains props from horror movies, yet dearest gran lay there amongst them.

I feel so sorry for her,and we are on high alert as the doctors have informed us that her heart is weak and there is lots wrong with her.

Bad news aside i was absolutely astounded at the diapers they use for the patients.

At our hospitals you either get an option of a catheter or bedpan but since the place is so overcrowded most patients in the wards get diapers as i would expect they couldn't keep running around with bedpans as the nurses don't have time to wait or are not available to assist with toilets.

From what i could see, there was a clear lack of catheters too as i suppose the hospital is once again overpopulated with patients.

Anyways i don't like hospitals and i do not get a kick out of diapers when they are truly needed for sick patients, but after seeing threads about overseas hospitals, im glad to announce SA is different.

Everybody in the ward gets a super thick diaper, it looks like a heavy duty euroform all nighter, and this surprises me because i figured bed pads would be cheaper.

They put them out on a table, stacked up and i felt very awkward.

I actually felt embarrassed for the patient's there as one lady asked to go to the bathroom and the nurse yelled, madam you are wearing a nappy.

That part i truly envied.

As much of a dive as this hospital is with poor food and terrible service, it is a diaper lovers dream.

As for the wifes gran she refuses to wear diapers and i can understand from her point of view.

She is a woman of dignity who doesn't want to be babied, i feel sorry for her, as she just wants to go home....

Since we both work she cannot return as nobody is there to care for her.


I have never in my life been happier as a diaper/nappy lover because for 99.4% of the population, there would be absolutely nothing to like about being at our government hospitals.

Except ABDL.

Thanks for reading and being a fellow ABDL.