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Thread: Enjoying the Smell of a Wet Diaper

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    Default Enjoying the Smell of a Wet Diaper

    I'm not sure how to completely get across what's on my mind, but it's something that I keep thinking about and I figured here was the place to ask.

    Firstly I want to know that I'm not into the sexual aspects of wearing diapers, more the comfort and the ability to wet without going to the bathroom which makes me feel younger. Enough introduction, here goes. I really like the smell of a wet diaper, particularly a wet Bambino Teddy (my diaper of choice). When my diaper is wet for a long time it starts to smell bad to me but for several hours after my first wetting I've noticed my diaper gives of this distinct smell that is sorta pleasant. It's sadly (and sometimes fortunately) not noticeable when I'm wearing something over the diaper, but when I'm in just a diaper I can smell it just fine. Does anybody else enjoy the smell of wet padding?

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    I like the feeling of squishing when it's wet. but that's just about it. The diapers that I have at the moment are seemingly keeping the odor tucked away on the inside.

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    I like the baby fresh scented diapers from AB Universe.

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    I know that feeling. When first wet, diapers just seem amazing and I personally don't want to give it up. After it sits for a while however, the smell starts to get to me

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    I think I know what you are talking about, but that smell is always overshadows my memories by the the smell of a diaper that has been wet for a long time. It is so bad and is usually the driving force of my changes. I just hate it when my room stinks up or my PJs wreak... I wish the smell wouldn't bleed through like that...


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    It's not too bad of a smell unless I eat a bunch of vegetables or sleep in considerably later than normal.

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    The teddy bambinos r my choice diapers too... N I know what u mean... I like that smell or "scent" too it's nice... But sometimes when I'm sleeping I can't stand it... It gets to strong and I have to change; I just sleep in a diaper... I can't stand clothing when in bed it just sticks to the other fabric and me. Plus it gets to hot. But in know how u feel and what u mean... If u wanna talk just ask for my email.

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    Yeah to a point. I love the smell up to a few hours after wetting but anything like over night XD no.

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    One of the reasons I just go in my pants instead of putting on a diaper is that I like the smell of it.

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    Same here man! That smell makes me feel very babyish.

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