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Thread: Do you feel this too? This unbeliveable sadness??

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    Default Do you feel this too? This unbeliveable sadness??

    Hey do you now the feeling?
    Allways if i see a child die, or a sad/crying kid, it feels if my heart is broken, it hurts too much, and i'm near tears?

    Do you know the feeling ...

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    Absolutely. Thats why it was so awkward watching the death scenes in the hunger games. I dont know what it is that i can see adults in the news that were killed and just dismiss it, but when i hear that a little kid was killed... my heart just drops.

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    I can understand about feeling sad about people and families losing their kid(s) and then they have to do the funeral and spread the news and such and it brings down the atmosphere down a lot. I personally haven't experienced a child dying or even heard of one in my area where I live.

    I don't like it when people use their dead child as an excuse for a cause to get money off people. Ex: Harry Mosely.

    Edit: What does this have to do with Teen Babies?

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    hm i have the feeling even if a child in a movie dies etc...

    i thought this can have to do with the tb thing, because we're regressing too much ^^

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    It makes me sad when a baby cries and the parent isn't doing anything but ignoring the baby. Once at work a baby was screaming/crying and the mom pretty much ignored the baby while browsing a rack of clothes. I wanted so badly to just walk over and pick up the baby to comfort her. lol OR if I'm babysitting my friend's toddler... he starts to cry if I put him down so I'll pick him up again but his mom would tell me not to (so he understands he can't always be held) and he's crying and I feel so bad!!
    Its the same if I put him to bed and he cries but I can't come get him....... Sad but true... if a toddler realizes all he/she has to do is cry to make you come pick them up then they WILL start using that against you. So as bad as I may feel, I have to let him realize its not working on me.

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    Not near tears or entirely sad, but I do get a bit down and angry for a second when I hear of it. Then I move on. It's the only thing I can really do, and it's how I learned to cope.

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    I don't really get such feelings when I read about the death of a child in the news, or when I see it in movies. However, unfortunately I've dealt with the death of a child a couple of times, and it's by far one of the worst feelings one can ever have. So yes, I have experienced those feelings before, and I'm just hoping I'll never have to again.

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    Working at a junior high school, it's always tough on me when I see a kid cry. Often it's because they are in trouble, and even if they deserve their punishment, it bothers me to see them so upset. I know they're hurting, and so I hurt with them.

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    I know that feeling, I think I makes me sad because I know all the stuff that child missed, like growing up and experiencing new things.

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    Most of what we're feeling could be expressed in one word: Empathy. One feels the pain of others, and one feels quite sorry for them.

    As for talking about experiences of this, I have one that I'd always remember: when I was in hospital, having morphine pumped through me to curb some trouble with my kidneys, I heard a baby girl crying in the room opposite me. It made me even sadder to learn that the baby had been left there by her parents, and they weren't coming back. I wanted to do something about it, like try to comfort her etc, but I couldn't do anything because I was stuck on a bed with morphine being pumped through my veins .

    Yeah, I know what you all mean.

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