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    I am not used to posting in forums so my intro might be a bit sketchy.

    I live in a town just south of London, England. I am 21, male, and of course enjoy wearing nappies/diapers. I enjoy them in a non-sexual sort of way.. It is more of a comfort 'thing', but its hard as I still live with my parents..

    Anyway, I look forward to posting my stories and tips on here, I have been browsing this website for some time now.


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    Hey there! I hope you (continue to) find what you're looking for here. It would be cool to know what else you like to do other than diapers, because us ADISCers have a broad range of interests and chances are that a bunch of us are into the same things (e.g. music, videogames, photography, computers, etc.).

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    Thanks! Well I'm into Politics, to be specific, American politics. Which is a bit odd because I find British politics to be docile and painfully boring. :P

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    Welcome...and...nothing is as docile and painfully boring as Canadian politics. I don't follow politics...anywhere...but...Canada's politicians are a bunch of...I dunno what to call 'em really. The only one I like is Justin Trudeau (but that could be more because of who his dad was and less of who he is himself).

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