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    Ok so like I just logged in for the first time and it says that i am a lurker cuz I havent posted nything yet.Well I guess I am but I am not. I am just trying to figure the whole diaper/baby thing out and how to personally deal with it and I find it most helpful by reading other posts etc. I like and have been wearring diapers for many years now but do not understand why I find them so alluring other than at times I just like to be lazy n am comforted when I am wearring. theres not much to tell I dont talk alot especially about my feelings wether online or off so please be patient if I am mostly just a lurker I only am here theraputicaly.

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    o ya an I am adhd ocd n have anxiety issues n depression so I like to play games and surf the internet an watch alot of tv andI have a little dog that I love the most if it wasnt for him in my life then it would be meaningless.

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    I hope you find the forum usefull and interesting
    Lurking is fine ^^

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    I'm new myself, but welcome all the same. Nothing wrong with a low profile. I have been visiting this site for a year before I finally joined it. I see now I waited far too long to do so.

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