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Thread: Why can't I do it?

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    Default Why can't I do it?

    Ok so kinda a odd question. And if this has been asked before i'm sorry. So i've been wearing pretty regularly for awhile. And I don't have a problem wetting except for when i'm lying in bed! Which really sucks cuz that's the majority of the time I can wear. I get tired of having to actually get up to do it. Why can't I seem to wet laying down? It almosts ruins it when i'm super comfy and then I have to get up cuz of that.... It's very annoying.

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    I had the same problem for awhile, but when I started using diapers I wasn't afraid would leak on my bed I was able to start wetting laying down. I think it has something to do with it being so different from what you have been trained to do.

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    it's usually a combination of psychology and physiology:
    you have the social/emotional conditioning which deters you in the place and then the physical effects of your bladder, it's nerves and the associated musculature for urination under the influence of the different effect of gravity while you are laid.

    if you're minded to wee in bed (whilst diapered, of course), you'll need to experiment with finding the easiest position in which you can sense the need to wee, and to wee itself. once found, it's then just a matter of practice makes perfect; then, you may even find yourself wetting while asleep.
    to be honest, i find that weeing in bed is easiest when i'm wearing a trad diaper as they inspire more confidence in their function than do dispies.

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    While wearing a diaper wait til you have to go pretty seriously, then start wetting while standing up and lie down while you're still going. If you had to go badly enough lying down won't stop it. Once you get used to that you'll better be able to start wetting while lying down.

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    I have the same problem - Agree it sucks
    I think it's mostly in my head, like I'm trying to convince myself to do something which I was taught a long time ago not to do! I think thats how it is for me because I can go fine while lying on the (lino) bathroom floor, but at first I couldn't even do that so I guess I'm making progress lol.

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    Something that is usually guaranteed to work is wait until you can't hold it any longer. Relax and you should be able to let it start flowing slowly. If not you just need to get comfortable with it. Try every night and be patient it will happen eventually.

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    As has been said, often fear of a diaper leaking into the mattress can be very inhibiting. If you have access to a large garbage bag, lawn and leaf size, spread that under you on the bed and try. That way if you do leak, it goes on the plastic, not on your sheets and mattress. Once the wetting is accomplished, you can fold up the plastic bag and shove it under your bed.

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    I used to have the same problem, what I did was:

    - relax
    - Put plastic and a towel down, keept telling myself it was ok and the plastic + towel could stop everything in the event of a leak
    - relax
    - Waited until I felt like I really needed to go. Not "omg I'm about to burst", but definitely enough that I couldn't ignore it.
    - Got into a semi-reclined position. Basically I put several pillows behind me, then locked my elbows and propped myself up on my hands/the pillows so that my torso was almost vertical but with not much pressure on my bottom.
    - Also having my knees up and feet flat on the mattress helped

    Once I got so I could go in that position easily, I kept modifying it to something closer to being flat on my back until now I can do it no problem. I went through about 2 packs of diapers before I could do it with any kind of consistency, so expect it to take some time.

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    Thanks for that irnub - Think I'll try that plastic/towel thing!

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