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Thread: I finally found them!!!

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    Default I finally found them!!!

    I found the cigarettes that were eluding my grasp. I hid them in my room so my parents wouldn't find them. Then I forgot where I put them...
    Well, I have a bookcase with lots of books and apparently I hid them behind one of the books. I was actually looking for a book and it happened to be the book the hid the cigarettes. How convient, huh?

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    Dude... you shouldn't smoke... it is expensive and it will kill you.

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    I know it's expensive, and I doubt it will kill me.

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    this may sound hypocrite to hear from a smoker, but don't smoke!

    prices are ever higher and you sound like you're not addicted yet...
    I'm planning to quit again too

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    I didn't think I was either.. but one night I went crazy cause I didn't have one...

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    I know... why do people attack other people for there own choices...

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    Quote Originally Posted by weswissa View Post
    I I doubt it will kill me.
    I still find it funny that people cannot believe that cigarettes kill. There has been billions poured into research by the federal government and private organizations... the fact has been proven... smoke long enough, and it has a very very very high chance of killing you.


    Go educate yourself... please.

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    Everytime I hear an 'invincible teenager' say how smoking can't hurt them, I want to scream...and when they say "oh I can't quit, I'm addicted" I want to beat them over the head with a garden spade!

    Seriously...SMOKING KILLS!'s NOT that difficult to quit! My father smoked for over 40 years...we're not talking low-tar/low-nicotine/filtered cigarettes here either...he started smoking in 1939! One day in the early 80s he just QUIT. Here's how it happened:

    He was a mail courier and he had been sorting the mail and put the pack (brand new) of smokes on top of the sorting boxes...then he packed up the mail and got in his car...forgetting the smokes. A couple of kilometers from the post office he realised he didn't have his rather than turn around 'n go back he said "I'll just see how far I can go before I have to stop and buy another pack." He thought he'd probably make it to the first store (about 10km from the post office). He completed the entire route (about 240km (150mi) round trip) and when he got back to the post office he retrieved the pack of cigarettes and took them home 'n put them on top of the fridge. He never smoked after that.

    NOTE: My father died of CANCER in 1996!

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