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Thread: Dry 24/7s... Are they worth it?

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    Default Dry 24/7s... Are they worth it?

    I have been considering a diaper change recently from the Abenas I have been wearing for the past few years to the Dry 24/7s from XP Medical and I am wondering if they're worth it. Do they hold up well and are they OK if you have to wear them outside the home?

    Lately I've been wearing diapers again for comfort reasons as well as incontinence reasons and I have been looking for another diaper in case Abena switches to cloth-like covers which in my experience don't stay in place all that well.

    So- my question is Dry 24/7s worth it? I can afford a case, but I need a diaper that is discreet enough that no one notices. Not that I've ever noticed anyone noticing that I'm in a diaper before... but I just want to make smart decisons before I spend money.


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    Heh, I was NOT able to fit my pants over my Dry 24/7 when wet, but they hold up very well. I'd say it's a definite NO on the wearing outside the home thing, but I've never worn outside my bedroom :P

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    Dry 24/7s are much more bulky when wet than an Abena M4. I don't worry overly that someone might notice that I'm wearing a diaper, and I regularly wear an M4 wherever I go But wearing a Dry 24/7 seems too exhibitionistic for me.

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    id say there definitely worth it .i wore adena m4 almost exclusively for years besides for the occasional cushie or bambino .when i got my first dry 24 7 on i knew i found my new favorite diaper. there big alot bulkier between the legs then abena which i love they hold up for a long time and absorbency is great .as for wearing in public you'll be taking extra messures to hide it even then it ll probably be kinda obvious but if your like me if somebody would say anything id ask them to explain why there starring at my crotch before i explain why im in diapers.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The Dry 24/7 diapers have an amazingly high capacity. However, they are not as comfortable as Abena diapers.

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    I am surprised at the negative responses here! As a former wearer of Abena M4s, I switched to Dry 24/7 as soon as I tried them, and I haven't looked back! They are more comfortable than the M4s (at least on me), and they definitely seem to hold up better during daily activities. The M4s have a tendency to clump badly when worn wet for awhile, and an even worse problem of occasionally splitting right up the back and causing catastrophic leaks. I have not had either of these issues with the Dry 24/7. The padding holds up better and the plastic backing is thicker & tougher than the M4. Plus, as others have pointed out, the absorbency of the Dry 24/7 is unmatched...i find I can comfortably wet in one 5 times before there is even a chance of any leaks!

    As for wearing in public, I have to respectfully disagree with the naysayers. I wear them all the time, sometimes even with a stuffer inside, in any situation, and I've never had as much as a sideways glance from anyone. In fact, I wore one yesterday to church and a barbeque at a friend's house, wet in it a couple of times, and no one had a clue. I usually wear jeans over them. As long as you wear somewhat loose-fitting pants over them, you will have no issues. I also find that a snug-fitting pair of boxer briefs over my diaper works well to hold everything in place.

    everyone's different though, and you might have different results than me, but as for an answer to your question of "Are they worth it," I say the answer is a definite YES!

    Also, they are not just a "nighttime diaper..." I don't know where people get that idea. Although they do work great for overnight use, they hold up to abuse and an active lifestyle so well that they are the only diaper I fully trust for full-time use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CracklinPants View Post
    Also, they are not just a "nighttime diaper..." I don't know where people get that idea. Although they do work great for overnight use, they hold up to abuse and an active lifestyle so well that they are the only diaper I fully trust for full-time use.
    It has to do with the thickness; people are worried that they will have noticeable diaper bulges. But as far as no one noticing, I definitely agree with you. People are unlikely to notice, and most don't care even if they do.

    OT: I've had the opportunity of using them, and I must say-they are amazing. As I always say, they really make depends look like a pad. And as comfort, they really win again. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are definitely worth the price.

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    I wear Dry 24/7's most of the time now. I've taken to wearing them out of the house now, too. I had good luck with the first case I bought; with the second case the bottom tapes would come loose, I think from some kind of contamination on the plastic covering, so I took to using tape over them. Hopefully this third case is better. If not, I'll continue with the extra tape. All of that's worth it because of the excellent performance of this diaper. It absorbs a lot of urine and then holds it without leaks. Performance first, I say.

    XP Medical offers inexpensive sample packs of all its diapers.

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